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Half my life is an act of revision. – John Irving

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A Absolute Bath & Body Works fan who writes a blog for both men and women covering various topics including photography, gardening, cooking, arts and crafts .

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Twisted Peppermint Holiday 2013

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New Bath and Body Works Ocean Drive Candle

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Bath and Body Works Holiday II

Bath and Body Works Holiday II

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19 November 2018
Life Writing
I saw a video that has been making its way around social media since Friday and to say that it is disturbing is an understatement. I just need to write out my thoughts because it reminds me of something that has bothered me for a ...
06 November 2018
Life Writing
Social Media is a vicious Bitch.  Not as vicious as I am - or so I am told... but you do what you can do... ...
24 October 2018
Bath & Body
 Here is a Huge List of the candles we will be seeing at this years Bath and Body Works Candle Day Sale...Taking place Saturday December 1, 2018....