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Hello! And Welcome...
I am Tess, the blogger behind Life Inside the Page and it is a pleasure to have you join me here.

I have always written a paper journal of sorts. I thought it would be interesting when I am old and grey to sit back and relive my life...just in case I forget. I truly think of my life as a journal of days.
Everyday I wake up, I get the chance to add another page to it as the chapters of my life grow.

Sadly, on one ordinary day, my life changed drastically, and for a time I blogged as a release of the pain that comes with dealing with the loss of a child, my daughter Angeline.
I'd like to think that my Faith and the keyboard saved me then.
As I healed I found enjoyment once more in sharing those other things in my life that have inspired me...and here we are.

What will I be sharing here?
All of those things that transforms my house into a home and the day to day into a life's journey.
Everything from nature, gardening, cooking and more. And for those Fragrance Fans who share the love of Bath and Candles products, my insider sneak peeks from a few, favorite brands.

So that is just a little bit about me...for now. The rest will be revealed daily.
Join Me!


Woman's Day | 34 Painted Pumpkin Projects for the Best Ever Halloween | My Minion Pumpkin Project

It was just after one am and, as per usual, I was still awake doing the last few things that needed my attention before closing out my day.  The air conditioners hum in the bedroom was not drowning out the sounds of the fireworks still booming outside of my window and all I want is to rest my eyes and fall asleep.

While checking out the last few emails that needed attention I noticed an email alerting me to a new back link on my blog.  What a nice surprise to see that Woman's Day used my 2013 Minion Pumpkin Craft Project for their Painted Pumpkin Ideas for the Best- Ever Halloween Post this past June 23rd.

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Life Inside the Page Blog Sale | Wallflowers | Bath and Body Works

Shopping Guidelines ❥This is the current sale and all previous sale posts and prices are no longer active. This sale is on a first come first serve basis so don't delay if you really want something. I cannot hold items, I'm sorry.  Shipping within the US only please. ❥All items are new, with tags unless noted otherwise. ❥If you find something ...
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Bath & Body Works | Fall Test Candles | Names and Scent Notes | Part Two

Here are more new Fall Test Candles found in stores today. Wood Look Candle Collection: Autumn Woods - dark walnut, english lavender, white amber Bourbon Maple - barrel-aged bourbon, sugared amber, maple wood Golden Citrus -  sparkling mandarin, warm cedar, golden amber Leaves Mahogany Apple - red mahogany woods, golden delicious apple, pink p...
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Bath & Body Works | Fall Test Candles | Names and Scent Notes

Earlier today I was tagged in Instagram by a friend @theshow78 who was sharing a group of five photos of the new Fall White Barn Candles that her friend @brownye_  had just found in her store.  I posted these on my Facebook Page as I waited to see what everyone else was going to find...and sure enough the photos of more new started to be ...
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Bath & Body Works | Summer VIP Tote Bags | Online Currently at Regular Pricing

The first of the two Bath and Body Works Summer VIP Tote Bags has arrived online today so we should be seeing the Purchase with Purchase offer coming soon.  Here is the bag details:


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