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Hello! And Welcome...
I am Tess, the blogger behind Life Inside the Page and it is a pleasure to have you join me here.

I have always written a paper journal of sorts. I thought it would be interesting when I am old and grey to sit back and relive my life...just in case I forget. I truly think of my life as a journal of days.
Everyday I wake up, I get the chance to add another page to it as the chapters of my life grow.

Sadly, on one ordinary day, my life changed drastically, and for a time I blogged as a release of the pain that comes with dealing with the loss of a child, my daughter Angeline.
I'd like to think that my Faith and the keyboard saved me then.
As I healed I found enjoyment once more in sharing those other things in my life that have inspired me...and here we are.

What will I be sharing here?
All of those things that transforms my house into a home and the day to day into a life's journey.
Everything from nature, gardening, cooking and more. And for those Fragrance Fans who share the love of Bath and Candles products, my insider sneak peeks from a few, favorite brands.

So that is just a little bit about me...for now. The rest will be revealed daily.
Join Me!


Bath & Body Works | Graphic Design Challenges

Having to travel out of town to do my Bath and Body Works shopping I haven't been paying too much attention to the candle collections that have been coming and going with regards to any issues with them.

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Bath & Body Works | New Products for Holiday

Here are a few more new finds for the floor set next week. I see a Gingerbread Bee Hand Soap.

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Bath & Body Works | Something New - OMG

A peek at something coming...

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Life Talk | Ever Mindful

I don't know why the events of the day were designed the way they were...But I sit here tonight, sad and teary and wish it was as it was earlier in the day. The weatherman said today was going to be sunny with showers later in the evening so I expected to see sunshine.  Instead the sky was gloomy and a layer of fog masked my pretty view as I looked...
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Bath & Body Works | Holiday Floorset Info - October 30th

In a week we will see all Bath and Body Works stores transform into a Christmas Wonderland and I can not wait.  This is a posting of some of what we will be seeing.  Grab a pen and paper, it's time to make a list!

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Bath & Body Works | Winter House Holiday Luminary 2017

Priced at $84.50 here is the Bath and Body Works Winter House Holiday Luminary for Christmas 2017.

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Bath & Body Works | New Items Coming - Holiday House Too!

New Wallflower Refill Collection called: Botanical Brews- Orange Bitters and Bourbon Elderberry Martini   Pocketbac Clips: Snowflake Reindeer Live, Laugh, Love Shine Bright BFF Choose Happy   Ceramic 3 wick Luminary " WINTER HOUSE"   And the new Watermelon Lemonade Candle is part of the White Barn Marble Lid collection    
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Bath & Body Works | Today's Daily Finds - Holiday | October 19th

With shipments coming in more often now, everyday there is something fun found at Bath and Body Works stores.  The majority of this new will come out October 30th when the Holiday "Perfect Christmas" launches.

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Bath & Body Works | Camp Winter Gift Bag

I saw a new Bath & Body Works First Look email tonight and in the first photo I saw was this cute Camp Winter Gift Bag that is coming soon.

Who doesn't love a Red Pickup Truck filled up with a Holiday Tree in it? I hope the stores have enough stock of these as they will be great for gift giving.

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Bath & Body Works | New Candy Coated Christmas Body Care and More

A closer look at more of the new we will be seeing in two weeks. Here are today's finds:

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24 May 2017
Department: Beauty
As I begin to hear some of the things found scheduled for the Bath and Body Works Semi Annual Sale, I will keep updating this post.  Be sure to bookmark it as I will add new as I hear. Somethin...
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07 April 2017
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After seeing the new zippered mini bags pocketbac holders at Bath and Body Works I knew those had to match the upcoming Mother's Day Tote we see annually. I was correct. Here is your First Look at wha...
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01 July 2017
Department: Beauty
With the turn of the calendar page, the month of July begins and so does my anticipation of what it will bring.   For most, it is the official beginning of summer -  with thoughts of va...
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13 July 2017
Department: Beauty
Here are the names of the new Fall Signature Fragrances coming to Bath and Body Works: ...

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10 September 2017
Department: Beauty
New, Online today, Pure Simplicity Body Care Collection. Formulated without parabens, sulfates, phthalates, petrolatum, artificial color & gluten, our promise is pure & simple: gentle and hyp...
08 June 2017
Department: Beauty
November 3, 2016, Harry Slatkin shared a simple photo of the QVC letters on his Instagram Page and anyone who knows who Harry is, knew...this was the beginning of all of our fragrance dreams and wish...
14 September 2017
Home & Back Yard
Today's Food For Thought: We were informed via mail that the ass who robbed our home is coming up for Parole this month and I am not thrilled, to say the least. But, how odd is it that the man wh...
21 September 2017
Yes, you are looking at a HomeWorx three wick candle by Harry Slatkin.  It's fragrance partner, Deck the Halls is sitting next to me. Unlit, it is filling my space with the scent of the holidays with ...

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