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McDonald's | Despicable ME 3 | Happy Meal Toys

Beginning this Friday, (Thursday evening in some markets with one late showing) June 30th, those devilishly handsome yellow men are back to capture our hearts once more with their leader GRU when Despicable ME3 returns to movie theaters. 

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The Peace of the Days Uninterrupted

The rain is pounding against the freshly cleaned windows as I sit here in my office watching as the sky changed from a shade of bright blue to dank grey in a matter of moments.


I had big plans for the day... well, for the week really, but with constant weather interruptions of wetness and the untimely dizziness currently happening in my head, the gardening is taking a breather for a time.  It is hard to put mulch down onto flower beds when your head is trying to be planted in those same beds.

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Home & Backyard | Greenhouse Day | April 22, 2017

Greenhouse Day!

155 plants purchased (over two visits) later....I will be on my knees for sometime as soon as the frosty nights end and warm weather is here to stay.

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