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Bath & Body Works | Influencer Holiday Gift Box

Last Monday morning, October 23rd, Bath and Body Works contacted me on Instagram requesting I email them my home address because they appreciated my passion for the brand and wanted to share a little something with me before anyone else.




















I, of course, sent the email of thanks out to them and went on with my day with a huge smile in my heart.  I didn't know what it could end up being but today when the doorbell rang I had no idea it would be so wonderful!

As I picked up the box from my porch I heard the rattles....and I thought, " oh I sure hope that is a wind chime in there (haha)" because of it isn't...this was not going to be fun.

I placed the box on my dining server and saw the small glass shards poking out of the bottom of the box. Rut Ro (scooby do voice)...

I cut into the top and was greeted with red and metallic gold shredded paper and a personalized note addressed to me.  There was also a $10 gift card inside of the envelope.

The shred and the products had pieces of glass all over them so I had to carefully take each item out of the box (with a few glass splinters into my palm)  and put each piece to the side to wipe off.  Excitedly like a kid opening a Christmas present, I checked out each one and then I saw what caused the mess.  Two three wick candles; Better Not Pout ( Twisted Peppermint) and an Evergreen Metallic Glass with a Marble Lid, were smashed inside of the cardboard holders they were shipped in.  The box was so jamb-full of holiday goodness, there was no room for padding paper.

My husband came from the other room and began looking at each of the items and then read the card out loud.  We were both overwhelmed with the generosity that was shared in sending this box out to me.  Where do you see this kind of thing happening, but for Bath and Body Works. I truly appreciate this act of kindness and wanted to share what was inside of the box. And Bath and Body Works did contact me to let me know they will replace my candles. Truly Incredible!

I received:

Evergreen Scent Metallic Glass with a Marble Lid three wick Candle

Better Not Pout Spiced Gingerbread three wick Candle

Glittered Snowman with Blue Snowflakes Light Up Wallflower

'Tis the Season Wallflower Bulb .8 fl. oz.

Twisted Peppermint Gentle Foaming Hand Soap 8.75 fl.oz.

Eucalyptus Spearmint Bath Fizzy 4.6 oz.

Vanilla Bean Noel Creamy Body Scrub with Shea Butter 8 oz.

Snowy Morning Fine Fragrance Mist 8 fl. oz.

Coconut Mint Drop Shower Gel with Shea Butter 10 fl. oz.

Super Smooth 24 Hour Moisture Shea Butter and Coconut Oil Body Lotion Japanese Cherry Blossom Scent 8 fl. oz.

Winter Candy Apple Super Smooth Body Lotion with Shea Butter 8 fl. oz. 

Aromatherapy - New- Recharge Sage and Mint Moisturizing Body Cream with Natural Essential Oils 8 oz.

Oh What Fun Hand Cream Sunlit Apple Blossom Scent 1 fl.oz.

Gnome Pocketbac Holder

Gnome for the Holidays Fresh Balsam Pocketbac Refill 1 fl. oz.

Gnome Snot Twisted Peppermint Scent Anti- Bac Foaming Mousse 1.8 oz.


Box Contents Retail Value:

Sixteen products with a retail value of $188.20 plus a $10.00 Gift Card

Box Worth:


I have been using the Aromatherapy Body Cream all afternoon and I love the scent. I use their Eucalyptus Spearmint bar soap and enjoy the refreshing scent of the mint in that. But this is a bit more warm and woody, almost evergreen like...if that makes sense.  My hands dry out really quickly with everything I do in a day and I am impressed that they can feel soft and not be greasy.

The Gnome trio is too cute and great little gifts for anyone. For a bit over $10 with regular pricing these are a great make you smile kind of present. One Gnome fits all.  The Gnome Snot is a cute marketing label seller...I mean what else could a snot from a gnome be but peppermint! And a little foaming mousse goes a long way.

The oh what fun hand cream Sunlit Apple Blossom is a delicious scent and this is going right into my purse.

Snowy Morning and Coconut Mint Drop scents are must try's in the store in my opinion.  It is the best way to experience the scents.

The Light Up 24/7 Wallflower is much larger in size than some we have seen previously.  While I am surprised at the pricing now on some of these larger units ($18.50)  they too make a cute holiday gift...or a gift to yourself. 

The Creamy Body Scrub seems lightly scented when I tried it.  There are little scrubbers that dissolve/disappear and my skin felt clean when rinsed.

The other products are long-time, well loved items that we have seen and tried.  And if you haven't I recommend you do take a trip to a Bath and Body Works store near you and see what put the Ho Ho Ho in Holiday!

Regarding my Thoughts and Opinions expressed regarding these items.  I have received these as a gift from the company but that in no way influences my opinions that I share on my post.  I will always offer up my honest opinion about a product regardless if it was purchased by me or gifted to me.

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