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What have you DUNN for me lately?

A new home decor collectible for me, Rae Dunn Pottery. Simplistic words on imperfect pottery. Who knew!

One part insanity (trying to find them) One part home decor frenzy (trying not to get stampeded on in the stores).

Having done ceramics myself for many years I can honestly say, "I love a good mug."

I never thought I would find a hard to get home decor item...a MUG.... from a designer so sought after that they would only be available in three department stores

{TJMaxx, Marshalls and Homegoods stores}  and that people will go to the worst extremes to get some of these items. 

 When you're reading in Rae Dunn Facebook Groups that people literally:

  • Take every item they find off of the shelf to re-sell... (shelf clearers they call them)
  • Take items out of another persons cart for themselves...
  • Run through the store like madmen at the stores opening, daily, to get it first...
  • Push others down...
  • Harass sellers on Mercari, Ebay and Amazon for being (up) sellers because people in your group taunt you to...
  • Post screenshots of sellers or store workers on the above named stores FB page to get them fired
  • And provoke such hateful speech against people in groups because others have what you want and you don't like it

I can only wonder what the's an imperfectly glazed, made in China mug...canister... and dog DISH!

Have people really lost their minds over this stuff?  The answer is, Possibly.

When we started caring for my father in law we had time in between visits and we started to go up to the mall to walk around and burn off nervous energy. We had a TJMaxx store open and since we didn't visit it at the opening, we started walking around the home decor sections. I do love my house stuff.

I noticed hanging on the end cap these cream colored mugs with simplistic words on them.  I grabbed a set of Mr. and Mrs. mugs, posted the pic on Instagram and that began this collection.  A week later I found some cute bowls, shared that photo and realized Instagram was crazy for this stuff.

Because I use Pflatzgraff Naturewood pattern dishes these items blend well but I don't need tons of it... After three decades together I have a few different dinnerware patterns on hand.

My husband liked the Thanksgiving things we found in store but having hosted years of holidays I am pretty stocked up on serve-ware.  Mugs I like, because those are fun. But these platters and trays, well not having someone to pass this stuff down to seems wasteful to collect - for me anyway. So it wasn't until people asked me to get them a few things here and there ... and then they didn't follow through that let me with the "extra" stuff.

I will try to sell those first, and return those big things if they don't sell.  So those (up) sellers can have their fun too.

Here is what I have found so far-

Rae Dunn Collection - My Personal Collection


















Black Color Writing - Grow. (waterng Can) Buzz. (bee) Bloom. (flower) {tray broken}

Ladybug, Bumblebee, Dragonfly

Discover Starfish, Wonder Seahorse (clearance one broken pot)











MUGS: (Long Letter)





Hers (red)

Pumpkin Spice





I Can't Even



Be You

Be Kind












Enjoy - blue

Relax - blue

Bliss - red

Good Morning - Red









I Can't Even

Seconds Please

Bon Appetite

Chow Down


Chow Down

Eat Up


Stay Humble / Be Kind

Tray - Love

Tray - Junk

Spoon Rest - Heart(2)

Spoon Rest - Love


 Rae Dunn Collection - Possible Extras for Sale


Teapot -- SOLD


2017 Friendsgiving (handwriting version) Ovals, Trays, Mugs (SOLD)

set of 4- "friendsgiving" on all four

Set of 4
Measure approx. 5" x 9"
Two are " Thankful for friends"
Two are " happy friendsgiving"

Set of 4
Two read: " it's friendsgiving/get your fat pants ready (two sayings,on one mug)
Two read: "thankful for friends"

2017 Thanksgiving " Gobble till you Wobble" Mixing Bowl

measures 10" diameter

2017 Thanksgiving Turkey/ Pilgrim Hat Gobble Till You Wobble Platter: (2)

measures 8 3/4' wide by 14 1/2" long

2017 Thanksgiving Mugs

Home is where you Hang your Hat (2)

2017 Thanksgiving Ovals

Gobble Gobble (2)

2017 Thanksgiving Pie Plates

Little Slice of Heaven Pie Plate - Measures 8 3/4" diameter

Thankful for Pie, Pie Plate - Measures 8 3/4" diameter


Little Slice of Heaven Mugs with orange inside (3)

Thankful for Pie Ovals (2)

 2017 Thanksgiving Larger Tray in Long Letters


Measures: 7" x 14 1/2"

2017 Halloween

Witches Brew Bowl - SOLD

Hocus Pocus Bowl- SOLD

Divided Dish (2) Boo / Trick or Treat (SOLD)

Halloween Ovals (4) Trick or treat, Hocus Pocus, Spooky, Hocus Pocus


Good Morning (2)




Foodie - SOLD

Mugs: (Long Letter)

Beauty - SOLD

Beast  - SOLD



Her (red)

Blessed (3)

Family (3)




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