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Bath & Body Works | On the Waves Signature Fragrance | April 2018

Something New, found on Instagram!  I am not sure if this is a scent being tested in a limited area or if it is something we will all see but I wanted to be sure I shared this newest find.

New* Bath & Body Works Signature Fragrance

White Sands, Warm Sunlight, Fresh Waves.  Life is an adventure on the Waves!

On the Waves - Scent Notes:

Cool Sea Waves, Watery Mandarin, Blue Lotus, Ocean Driftwood

Available in:

Perfume Mist
Fine Fragrance ​Mist
Fun Size Body Cream
Fun Size Mist
Sand and Sea Salt Body Scrub
Body Lotion
Body Cream
Shower Gel

Photo Credit: _scentsgalore on Instagram

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Wednesday, 24 October 2018

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