As we all know from the social media postings leading up until this evening, Bath and Body Works Candle Sale day is a BIG DEAL for some and with it being such a big deal, we can expect:

Longer than Normal Checkout Lines

Crowds in the Stores Making it Difficult to Stop and Sniff Every Scent

Shortages of the Candles We Wanted


By now, every one has probably prepped a list of their wants and gathered up any coupons they plan on using. Store hours seem to be varying from area to area so hopefully you have checked with your stores to see what time they are opening.


I know every year for this kind of sale the store sets a limit of 15 candles to be purchased at a time...But I also know that the stores want to hit those sales goals and may waive that limit. All of the stores in my area have waived the limit.


Some candle buyers are posting on social media they have already gone into their stores and put what they wanted on hold so supplies could already be limited when the gates go up at opening.


A First Look email hit earlier today announcing that the ONLINE shopping for Candles on Candle Day will begin at Midnight!


Actually before 10:30pm Friday night, the code went live and the online candles began to sell out.  Plus, there were also many errors because of an overwhelming response to the sale beginning.  I know because I was one of the people ordering my lowly two candles online tonight.


I have no interest in going to a local store I no longer support to shop in madness, and I am not going out of town at the crack of dawn to wait in long lines.  I am so incredibly busy these days caring for so much, including, still my father in law...wax will take a back seat.  My trees still, are not up and decorated!!! and that is a big deal for me as I am usually decorated by Halloween.


I ordered only two of the SOFT candles and only because I liked the color of the glass for a Valentine's Day table setting. The more expensive candle sleeves were tempting at the $8.95 price tag but I passed on them. I still need to de-stash more of my B&BW things....when I get time.


Very few of my purchases have been in store lately. All of the Try it to Believe it purchases I made were online.  I paid full price for my Hand Soaps the day before the sale on those because I was afraid they would sell out, and I purchased my VIP Tote last Saturday when it went online for $35 and I didn't need an extra purchase.  I added three candles to that order and two lid covers.  It FINALLY shipped today and I will get it this coming week, late for my birthday but what can you do.


There are a few candles that are NOT SUPPOSED to be available until Sunday, well after the Candle Sale....and I use the words, NOT SUPPOSED to be....because that is what the company planned.  But like everything else, people are seeing some of these in stores this week.  Will they be out tomorrow at opening?  No idea.  Will they get pulled out from the back as supplies dwindle in stores?  They are not to be pulled, these are meant to stay in the back to fill up the vast emptiness after the sale.


All I can say is check and see what you find....and buy what you like that is available.


I do not support that whole premise that I am seeing shared...."Buy it on the sale and return it the next day."  That is not what they have intended we do when they offer what they do for this sale.   Personally I would not take the chance on the stores refusing the candles grabbed at the lower price...Product for product happiness guarantee or not.  To me, that is a waste of time, and energy and effort...and will not help us all out as a bigger picture.  We can't complain about price increases when some practices cause them to go up.


These are NOT planned for the candle sale:

Message Label Candles

Goal Digger

Happy Birthday (different languages)

Let's Get Baked

Love You More

Merci Beaucoup

Nailed It

Peach Don't Kill my Vibe


Magic in the Air Signature Candle - Not Out


Coast to Coast Collection:

Coastal Jasmine

Salted Vanilla

Mango Shores

Midnight Blue

Turquoise Waters

Seaside Mist

Beach Sage and Mint

White Driftwood



These are some we WILL SEE out for sale:

Holiday on the Rocks Collection: ( this collection has matching hand soaps too)








Message Candles:

Stay Classy

Save Water, Drink WIne

Rise and Grind

Hey, Honey

Girl Gang

Looking Sharp

Welcome Pineapple


The Nook Collection:







 ( I was told there was a HOLD on the candle NOOK)



Earlier when I placed my order there were 184 candle scents available.  Now, at 1:34am, there are 137. WOW. And no sign of Girl Gang at all.  BOOOO.....

I wish you all a very safe, and happy candle shopping experience and I look forward to seeing the hauls as you make your way back home from the wax jungle.