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Bath & Body Works | Catching up

February 16, 2014
I am finally sitting down after days and days of shoveling and snow blowing totally exhausted and beat up. ..
and there is more heavy snow coming in overnight again.  I know, the entire North East got wacked hard with these past three storms and we have yet another to deal with.  I love the four seasons, don't get me wrong.  It is beautiful.  My only problem comes when I am too exhausted to shop...and they close the mall. 
 I don't know where I am, nor the city is, going to put more.  We are so beyond capacity that the roads are a mess.  I was snowed in for the past three days and unable to go this being the first day the snow stopped and businesses opened I needed to get out.
Aside from the staples of food for me, dog food for my brothers doggie and Chinese for lunch I hit the mall for two reasons.  I was looking for a pull over mask for snowblowing...the blow back is something and short of cutting a few eye holes into a cap I needed something to protect my cute little face.  :0 )    
No luck on the snow cap.  I am not sure where the burglars get theirs, but there are none to be found anywhere here in town.
The next stop was Bath and Body Works.  While I was unable to take home some of the new, I did see a bunch of things I so need to get.  One being the cutest wallflower ever.  Remember last years luminary?  The sharp fronded metal one?  There is a matching wallflower this year.
And a bunch more things I wanted....but I could only get my Valentines Day shimmer mist....(they honored it because they were closed some days
and opened late because of snow) and some more fresh picked pocketbacs and the Hawaii pocketbacs.
This store still had the mason jar candles for $7.00 so I got those and called it a day.  For now.  I used my mystery offer coupon and reminded them I would be back with it after the floor set tonight.
Remember tomorrow all stores will have the new formula line of hand soaps out so check them out. I personally love them and even though my stash is huge, there were a few scents I needed.
I did post on my facebook page that the Hawaii line is hitting the stores definitely tomorrow, and I also made note that there is a 2/$22.00 candle sale coming.  I am guessing most likely for the Presidents day sale??? We shall see in a few hours.

I also noted there that the #BBWINSIDERS were going to be sent the Hawaii Oahu ritual to test. 
And some got the lavender products to try. 
It bothers me to say insiders...sure my other blog was named Bath and Body Works Insiders because then I was mostly blogging about BBW things....and I thought it was cute to make us all insiders. 
 That blog is still up but when I speak of the hashtag BBWinsiders now it is that program set up for some to try products and share what we think with others. Please don't think I think I am something more than just me when I post that. I am grateful that I was chosen because I can share sneak peeks and my thoughts.
Let's see, what else...
I am posting a bit  more on my instagram page.  I laughed, and shared that after all these months I would share a little here and there and wondered why I had no followers...only to find out I had it set to private by accident. I post daily on twitter too in case your not into reading blogs and wonder what I may have found BBW wise.
I've seen it mentioned a few times on the FB page people asking about the pink bubblegum candle and its being a 3 wick. 
 I did post a long time ago a list of all of the candles and in what forms there were coming in, as well as everything else I knew, and that and a few others were not coming out in that size. 
 When I get the info it is spot on what was decided and printed in the stores literature, so if I mentioned it in typed lists by me, you can pretty much count on it.  It is rare to see something not on the list ever show up. 
I will never say never...but I haven't seen a change yet.
My thoughts on "test" candles are this...  I think for the most part scents are decided upon and lists are made and printed out. The test part may be to see how a scent they want to use for something else may fare in the market.  Because I am positive they test them for quality and burning etc....they don't look to those of us who love candles for that.  Out of all of those names picked for the Sweet Shop line, they only chose a handful for 3 wicks and a few for minis and masons. I think, and this is just me thinking, there were a few scents that didn't throw like we would want then to so they made those into minis and for whatever reason, scrapped the rest.  For now.
People acted surprised and disappointed and while the candle smelled okay cold, I didn't find its performance that great at all.
For easy access to the lists, you can click here,   and .here.
I will post next all of the new I saw and tomorrow my Ski Lodge candles will finally...hopefully arrive.  Finding them all on the secondary market was interesting since candles that test are now handled differently and if the CR store doesn't get them then it is off to Amazon and Ebay.
You can't just call and get them sent...even if your willing to pay the $30.00 per candle.
 Even though they have been out, burned, talked about, shown on videos by everyone and their brother who were able to get them, I still want to journal mine.  Either in video and blog or just a blog...I am not sure yet.
And old man winter has been messing with all of my mail deliveries.  None of my Valentines were delivered yet either.... ugh. 
Spring is just over a month away... good thing, it may take me that long to catch up on everything.
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