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Bath & Body Works | Christmas Gift Guide | Online

Look at this awesome Holiday Fun I found last night on Bath and Body Works website.  Funfetti Body Scrub?  Check. Glow Dust Scrub?  Yes Please. And Shimmer Fizz Body Lotion?  I am there! 

Do you know how hard it was to keep a few of these things a secret for some time now?  Finally, I get to share now that they are posted on their website.

In the Stars - New Body Care Collection....we knew about that.

Cypress Men's Fragrance - there were at least three slated to come out.  We have already been enjoying Fresh Water....and I do think that the Trademarked name I found earlier this year ( Nordic Escape ) will be the other.

I do love that they introduce us to varying forms of body care and the holiday collections always offer us more.  The Sparkling Wonderland Collection seems to have a Glow Dust Scrub Iridescent Shimmer added to its line up.

The Holiday Traditions Collection will offer Shimmer Fizz Body Lotion, FunFetti Body Scrub, Body Butter, and Diamond Shimmer Mist.

Check out that Red Wood Holiday box...a must have on everyone's list.  And are you see those adorable single wick candles!  Spiced Gingerbread, Spiced Apple Toddy and Hot Cocoa and Cream to name a few.

Hand Soap Fan?  Me TOO!  The packaging on the new Holiday collections is spot on for evoking the spirit of the season.  Love them.  Arctic Berry, Winter, and Cherry Chill.

Okay, Bath and Body Works - You have our attention....I hope you made plenty.  This is about to be your biggest Holiday Season EVER!

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Sunday, 21 October 2018

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