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Bath & Body Works | Easter Candle 2018

 The New Bath and Body Works Easter candle was found out and it is a re-do of....

Back in 2015, the Easter Candle we had then was this one, shown below.  It had an adorable crimped edge lid with a dated, Easter Bunny label on top.  The years have passed and every year we had a new design...perhaps not as popular as this one was but people bought them because...well, we die-hard collectors of all things BB&W, wanted to have it.

As soon as Valentine's Day passes, we all start on the hunt for what they will be putting out for Easter and here and there a few tidbits are being found in stockrooms nationwide.  Today, a few people have found this year's candle and it is this exact label and this scent.  Just not this far.

Bath and Body Works has a habit of not having consistency when they offer special candles.  Perhaps the online version will have a plain lid and the instore lid is sparkly or embossed in some way.  Or vice-versa. 

The new 2018 version that a few people have purchased (although it is not available for sale yet) has a simple plain lid.

Will an online version be offered and if so, could it have something special?  Fingers crossed.  Because isn't that another reason why we collect? 

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Sunday, 20 January 2019

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