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Bath & Body Works | Fall 2019 Candle List

A current, updated list of the New Bath and Body Works Fall Collection of candles. 

Bath and Body Works Fall 2019 Candles

Collection 1 ( Photo in Center )

  • Caramel Apple - Granny Smith Apple Slices, Warm Golden Caramel, Cinnamon Vanilla Cream
  • Hot Cocoa and Cream - Decadent Milk Chocolate, Fresh Steamed Milk, Mini Marshmallows
  • Peach Cobbler - Juicy Peach Slices, Cinnamon Sugar, Golden Baked Pie Crust
  • Pumpkin Apple - Red Delicious Apple, Fall Pumpkin, Fresh Ground Cinnamon, Clove Buds
  • Pumpkin Cupcake - whipped buttercream, Madagascar vanilla, pumpkin spice, freshly baked cupcake
  • Sugared Snickerdoodle - Warm Spices, Creamy Vanilla, Sugared Musk
  • Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin - Warm Cinnamon, Fresh Ground Clove, Vanilla Cream, Brown Sugar
  • Vanilla Pumpkin Marshmallow - Tahitian Vanilla, pumpkin spice, homemade marshmallow, drizzled caramel

Collection 2 ( Name Bar in Center)

  • Banana Cream Pie - Fresh Banana Slices, Whipped Cream, Scoop of Peanut Butter, Cookie Crumble Crust
  • Blueberry Maple Pancakes - Wild Blueberries, Griddle Fresh Pancakes, Warm Maple Syrup
  • Caramel Pumpkin Swirl - Luscious Caramel, Ground Cinnamon, Rich Brown Sugar, Creamy Vanilla
  • PB and J - Fresh Strawberry Jam, Toasted Bread, Crunchy Peanut Butter, Drizzle of Honey
  • Pumpkin Pecan Waffles -
  • Pumpkin Peanut Brittle - Crunchy Caramel Brittle, Salty Peanuts, Toasted Pumpkin Seeds
  • Pumpkin Pie - Creamy Pumpkin, Vanilla Crème, Fresh Ground Nutmeg, Graham Cracker Crust
  • Salted Butterscotch - Warm Brown Sugar, Sweet Cream, Pinch of Sea Salt, Melted Butter
  • Warm Apple Pie - Baked Granny Smith Apple, Melted Brown Sugar, Flaky Homemade Crust

Collection 3 Frosted Jars/ (Critters on Label )

  • Autumn - Bright Red Gala Apple, Juicy Fig, Eucalyptus Leaf, Fir Balsam
  • Autumn Woods - Dark Walnut, English Lavender, White Amber
  • Cinnamon Irish Cream - cinnamon spiced liqueur, irish cream, french vanilla
  • Coconut Macaroon - Toasted Coconut, Fresh Baked Cookie, Vanilla Bean, Touch of Spice
  • Flannel - Fresh Bergamot, Heirloom Mahogany, Soft Musk
  • Leaves - Crisp Red Apple, Golden Nectar, Warm Clove Spice
  • Pumpkin Apple - Red Delicious Apple, Fall Pumpkin, Fresh Ground Cinnamon, Clove Buds

Collection 4 (with Side Title )

  • Crisp Morning Air - Crisp Fall Breeze, White Oak, Golden Amber Wood, Saffron, Soft Sandalwood
  • Leaves - Crisp Red Apple, Golden Nectar, Warm Clove Spice
  • Mahogany Apple - Red Mahogany Woods, Golden Delicious Apple, Pink Peppercorn, Fresh Lavender Sprigs
  • Maple Cinnamon Pancakes - Warm Maple Syrup, Fluffy Buttermilk Pancakes, Fresh Ground Cinnamon
  • Marshmallow Fireside - Toasted Marshmallow, Smoldering Woods, Fire Roasted Vanilla, Crystallized Amber
  • Pumpkin Clove - Clove Buds, Ground Cinnamon, A Pinch of Nutmeg, Fresh Pumpkin
  • Sweater Weather - Fresh Sage, Juniper Berry, Aromatic Eucalyptus, Fresh Woods
  • The Perfect Autumn - Fresh Cranberry, Spiced Pumpkin, Crisp Apple, Rich Clove

Collection 5 (Square Gold Name Plates)

  • Cinnamon Bark -
  • Cranberry Woods -
  • Fall Farm House - spiced pumpkin forest pine branch, fresh fall air
  • Mahogany Teakwood -
  • Nature Walk - creamy sandalwood, bergamot zest, juniper berries
  • Vanilla Birch -

Collection 6 - ( Writing on Label and critter )

  • Harvest Gathering ( with squirrel )
  • Sweater Weather ( with a red sweater on a fox )
  • Leaves ( with critter )

Collection 7- White Barn Labels

  • Apple Cinnamon Cider - Cinnamon Dusted Apple, Autumn Leaves, Rich Vanilla Woods
  • Chestnut and Clove -
  • Cinnamon Spiced Vanilla - Fresh Ground Cinnamon, Sugar Crystals, Tahitian Vanilla Bean
  • Cinnamon Stick - Cinnamon, Clove Bud, Nutmeg
  • Desert Wildflower - Pink Lady Apples, White Jasmine Petals, Fresh Violet
  • Flannel - Fresh Bergamot, Heirloom Mahogany, Soft Musk
  • Frozen Lake - Lavender Leaves, Cool Eucalyptus, Juniper Berries
  • Honeycrisp Apple - Golden Honeycrisp, Apple Blossom, Fresh Sugarcane
  • Peppered Suede - Effervescent Bergamot, Black Peppercorn, Soft Amberwood
  • Wine Cellar -

Collection 8 - ( Diamond Name Labels )

  • Fresh Balsam -
  • Fresh Fall Morning - citrus zest, woodland sage, red delicious apples
  • Frosted Cranberry -
  • Gather - bourbon glazed apples, maple sugar, creamy vanilla
  • Pumpkin Pecan Waffles -
  • Welcome Home - cinnamon sugar, warm apple butter, clove buds, brown sugar
  • White Pumpkin - white pumpkin, Autumn spice blend, ground cinnamon

Collection 9 ( Cut-out Labels )

  • Apple Weather - fresh farm stand apples, lavender leaves, cinnamon bark
  • Bourbon Maple -
  • Flannel -
  • Leaves -
  • Marshmallow Fireside -
  • Spiced Chestnut - roasted chestnut, mulled spices, dark rum, barrel aged spiced cider

Collection 10 ( Leaf Framed Labels )

  • Blessed - Pumpkin Pecan Waffles - maple Syrup, golden waffles, pumpkin spice, brown sugar
  • Gather - bourbon glazed apples, maple sugar, creamy vanilla
  • Give Thanks - Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin - warm cinnamon, fresh ground clove, vanilla cream, brown sugar

{Photo Credits: @bathandbodyworksdailyfind, @_scentsgalore, @sweet_scents_luv }​

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