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Bath & Body Works | Fall Preview Table | Haul in Photos

I t wasn't until sometime after one when I was finally able to get to the mall to check out the FALL PREVIEW table at Bath and Body Works and I fully expected it to be put front and center in the store as I approached.  That's where I would have put it to draw attention.

I looked all around as I came through the doorway and I still wasn't seeing it until the manager greeted me and showed me where it was.  It was small all right and tucked between other tables on the left hand side.  She mentioned all that was new and said the only thing missing was the hand cream.

I was more interested in the candle coffrets so that is where I went first.  Bad layout idea.  You cannot stand up three long. skinny boxes in a plastic box....and expect the candles to stay in these long skinny boxes that aren't taped closed.  As soon as we picked up the first box...out came tumbling mini candles.

We looked at box the We love Fall and the Pumpkin Café boxes and when I was asked which I was getting, I responded ... both. 

I did post up close photos of these coffrets previously on blogs as well as in my Facebook photo you can see just how cute they all really are by clicking the links above.

I put the candle boxes on the counter and went back to grab a few other things I wanted.  The store was empty so the three of us were able to chat about the new items and what we thought about them.  I then noticed NONE of the three wick candles were on sale and I asked and it was confirmed.  I hated to pay full price for the three layer candle...but with seeing only a few and knowing this preview will last only a week, I didn't want to take a chance on them being I grabbed one...added in a pumpkin room spray and five of the new weekend apple picking pocketbacs and used a survey.  That brought the price down to $15.67....and should there be a sale in the next two weeks I could, if I wanted to, get the receipt adjusted.

I am just glad to have it to try it and on a quick sniff...I liked it.

The coffrets are priced at $24.50 each for the six mini candles and that $11.00 candle coupon that is stuck inside the lid and when they tried to ring out both...the register showed 00.00.  I was doing two separate transactions on those and when she put the owl ($8.00) on one, it showed him at $14.50 and 00.00 for my candles.  We all laughed at that....and I told her I was okay with it...but drats, she over rode the price and fixed the price on the owl as he too wasn't ringing correctly and I used a survey on that sale.   The coffret with the owl order charged me $16.96 for the candles and $5.54 for the owl. Three mini candles alone are priced on sale at $10.00 so that was a pretty decent price for the six in a box.

The coffret with the two bottles of Weekend Apple Picking hand soap was $16.46 for the candles and 2.02 for each of the hand soaps.


And I think she mentioned that there was a buy 3 get 3 free sale currently happening on the signature products today.  I would have been more fun had a few of the other new signatures been on the preview table but I ordered some online so that will hold me until Fall fully launches. 

I forgot to mention that Saturday I did shop and grabbed the last VIP tote bag this store had.  They were sold out online and since I was grabbing more CO Bigelow shave cream for my husbands Christmas stocking since it was on sale and one of those pumpkin candle holders...I thought why not...  With the matching glass Pretty things trays and a lot of matching products like nail files and socks..even the shower mashie has a touch of animal on the hang tag.....that tote could end up being a great gift for someone. 

So that was it for todays in store purchase.  I am thinking about ordering my little fox and squirrel pocketbac holders online tonight.  I was given a free shipping coupon in my bag so I may just put that to good use.  Hopefully, your store had something fun and you left with a big shopping bag of Fall.
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