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Bath & Body Works | Floor Set Information Updates - February 2017 | Tutti Dolci Collection

January 25th, 2017
A quick post of some new, updated information.
The two February Floor-sets are going happen as follows:
February 9th set for release February 10th.
February 26th for release on February 27th.
February 10th:
This set we will see the Tutti Dolci fragrances release.
There is going to be a Lip Bon Bon.  I am guessing its Tutti Dolci related so I can't wait to see the flavors!!!
The Pretty Spectacular Wallflowers are not yet out but may possibly come out with the Tutti Dolci Collection.
There is a Mahogany Cotton scent added to the collection.
I also heard there is going to be a Rose Water and Ivy Wallflower coming. I am not sure what Collection that will belong to.
February 27th:
This set we will see the new Coco Shea Collection come out then.
Also Please Note: on the Signature Marketing, the Coco Shea is mentioned as not included in the pricing.
Valentines Day Tote:
I do not yet know when the bag will be available, but I have to think soon with Valentine's Day being a bit more than three weeks away. This will be priced at $25.00 with any $30.00 Purchase.
  • creamy body wash
  • body cream
  • fine fragrance mist
  • 3 wick candle.
I do not yet know what the fragrances of the items included in the tote are going to be but I will post more information as I find it out.
Wax Melts may be priced at 3 for $12
And there is a new wax melt unit coming...a more modern updated version it would seem.
Warm Vanilla Sugar Pocketbac is getting a new label and I would guess that the Hand Soap will also be updated.
And Mini Candles are making a come back 3/$12
There are a few 2/$24 and buy a 3 wick get one free Candle marketing possibilities.  Marketing does not mean we will see these actual sales happen so please don't hold me to a definitive this is happening occurrence.
There is also $20 / $25 EDT marketing options.
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