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Bath & Body Works | Foamy Friends - Unicorn, Puppy, Kitty, Dinosaur Hand Soap Collection | May 2019

​I have seen single wick candle jars with a Unicorn, Dinosaur, and a Mermaid Tail on them and these new Hand Soaps look like they can be a cute match to those.  So far, I have seen only four versions of this Gentle Foaming Hand Soap...

Foamy Friends - Hand Soap Collection:

  • Be Paw-Sitive - Strawberry lemon ( Kitty ) - sweet strawberries, sparkling lemon, crystallized sugar
  • Stay Magical - Pineapple Punch ( Unicorn ) - juicy mandarin, pineapple juice, lime twist
  • Wag More, Bark Less - Orange Vanilla Swirl - ( Puppy ) - fresh sorbet, juicy orange, creamy vanilla
  • You're Rex-Cellent - Coconut Lime Verbena - ( dinosaur ) - zesty lime, lemon verbena, coconut water
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Friday, 23 August 2019

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