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Bath & Body Works | French Lavender & Honey Lotion | French Lavender Candle | Review | #bbwinsiders

March 18, 2014

Ever since I found out months ago that Bath and Body Works was going to do a Lavender Signature line I have been so anxious to try it...smell it... see it...GET MY HANDS ON IT!

And being part of the #bbwinsiders program, I was fortunate to have had a chance to preview some of these upcoming products and share my thoughts on them with my readers.

First, as I always like to point out, my reviews on any of the products I received at no cost to me from Bath and Body Works Insiders program are my genuine thoughts on the item. I will always share what I think honestly because I would hope someone would do that for me too.

That being said....

Let me begin with the 8oz Shea and Vitamin E body lotion in the scent of French Lavender and Honey.

I am so glad they held off this product line for the new bottle style packaging.  It is perfect for the feel of the label design...right down to the font used.  I love the shadowing they did on the lettering and the scrolls making me feel like I just picked up a very expensive product.  I want to feel special when I use a product and the first steps in doing that is what will draw me in...and that is the label.

This label captures a little piece of southern France and the bottle will look beautiful displayed.
Bravo on the design.....

Next, the scent. When the parfum preview came out I went and got three...  Trying it on in the store was okay but I wanted to experience it on my own terms....not just standing in a store full of distractions. 

And parfum is an excellent starting point in discovering a fragrances notes and how each will interact on your body.  But for me, adding in a lotion is key because there is something about it melting into your skin for you to get that depth of scent.

When I smelled this on me in the store with the preview, I told the SA that it has that familiar base to me...almost as if it had a touch of the Scent Paris as a starting point.  Just my immediate interpretation...then.

And yes, this is a Floral scent.  But don't get turned off from trying it because it's called Lavender or you don't like floral scents....or even if you think it will smell like the sharpness of true lavender.

For me, it's not like that.  I grow lavender and I know the scent of that....and somehow this scent is more muted than strong.  It mentions that it has lily of the valley and I have grown them as well and they are a floral me... is sweet and very recognizable.  I think this scent is familiar to what I have smelled before in other lines, yet not...and beautiful...

I love the pink color of the lotion as it makes me expect it to be sweet and lady like...and I love that after I am wearing it.... I get that base note of a musk that brings it back to a warm scent. 

I rubbed it on my arms when it arrived earlier today and I have enjoyed its scent all day long.  While there may be Lavender in this, it is not a stark potpourri ---line your nana's dresser drawers with -- kind of scent.  And its not a room spray scent.

I would suggest you try it in some form....either by the preview parfum and/or getting a travel sized lotion when it comes out March 31, 2014. If things go like they usually do with big releases, I would expect it to appear sooner than that date as I think there is a huge call to try this.  My store knows to call me as soon as it is all available.

Now for the candle.


BIG....BIG scent.  And I find they nailed the scent of Lavender perfectly. 

Having not told me the candles name...or saw a purple candle....on a blind test scent challenge I would have easily said...Lavender.  And this candle filled my home to the upstairs with fragrance while I burned it for a few hours...and even into the night; I went downstairs a bit ago and the scent still lingers. 

The burn was perfect.  No issues with wick or wax....just pure scent a candle should be.

I was hoping that this scent would be as floral as the actual flower is, which I think is tricky because some candles that say that they are always end up smelling fake to me....and I trusted that it would be right by getting three mason jar candles in it today pre this ever arriving and my trying it.

I am so glad that I did.  I love having different options of candle sizes and while my insider candle is a 3 wick....sometimes a different space needs a smaller size.

This 3 wick has my vote and I will be buying this candle when the Provence line comes to stores. If you love floral candle scents and if you love Lavender this is definitely for you.

Two days before Spring starts and its bitter cold outside here....this candle definitely made my Garden Jealous.....

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