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Bath & Body Works | Halloween Haunted House Candle Luminary | First Look

With Halloween still a few months away, everyone is still focused on and enjoying their summer...but if you love Bath and Body Works Holiday themed items, now is the time to pay attention to what is starting to come into the stores.

While I have not heard when the Halloween items will officially begin hitting the stores on a display to purchase, and some stores have begun putting out the smaller items like the hand sanitizers for sale.

I suspect we should see everything launched on August 27th after the floor set on the 26th.  I am going to make a posting of what I know is coming so far but I had to get this " Dead and Breakfast " Halloween Haunted House Candle Luminary photo posted for those die-hard collectors to see.  But get your wallet ready for a $98.50 price tag!  I know I know you think that is way too much -  I do too -  but every year they sell out!

There was a time I collected them, the ceramic houses,  but that was way back when they first came out and were priced at $25.00.  When they started going over the $50 price point I made the decision to stop collecting them and started to sell off my ( never displayed) houses. Part of the reason I was getting rid of them, I never put them out!

Then they launched a metal version haunted house a few years ago and I grabbed a few of those because they seemed easier to display than the ceramic counterpart. Less of a chance for breakage while still offering the charm.  I have not seen a metal Haunted House as of yet. 

I will get the Halloween items list posted next and I will add the link to it here as well.

Bath & Body Works | Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin | Body ...
Hey, Where did that photo...go?


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Wednesday, 24 October 2018

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