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Bath & Body Works | Hawaiian Collection

March 8, 2015
With tomorrow being the official release day of the new Hawaii Collection at Bath and Body Works, I am checking over my list of wants..(not needs) to see what I still need to pick up that I already have not.
Our district stores had a minor set back as far as deliveries this past week when we had a few more snow storms an the stores did not open...nor did the trucks arrive.  But from what I saw arriving yesterday...Hawaii sunshine is only a day away.
When the 2 for $24 candle started I did grab a few of the Hawaii scents that were already out.  I picked up the single wick jars previously and I LOVE them.  They burned perfectly and the scent throw on the Maui was perfect.  It filled up my entire downstairs.  And when my hubby asks what is the fragrance and do we have is a keeper.
With the two candles, I added six Noir pocketbacs making it a $30.00 purchase and used my 10 off of 30 coupon.  That made each of those candles $8.00.

I also picked up the Large Pineapple Ceramic Luminary with the orange color inside priced at $39.50.  I had posted some photos of it compared to the 2010 Slatkin version I own.  There are slight differences but now I have a pair.  I had to get my 2010 version in 2012 on Ebay because I missed out on getting one in store.  That one was priced $39.00 ( of course not what I paid).
I grabbed some of the new luggage tags that are out.  Not sure of what I will tag but they are cute and priced at $3.50 each.  There are matching coin purses coming too.
The new bunny bucket....that I thought was metal when I saw the photo, turned out to be that canvas bag like they have had previously and with it being priced at $6.50 each and a month away from Easter, I grabbed two. Cute enough for a little one to carry as a purse.  And there is a bunny coin purse with two Beautiful Day travel minis.
The Happy Easter Candle should be out tomorrow...pricing I am unsure of...but if you want one I would suggest you grab one...regardless of what everyone thinks the scent is.  We get very little holiday themed items this time of year... a mark they are missing but fixing it would I try to grab what I may like or love or need for a gift.  Bagged and bowed it would make a lovely gift for someone...and less calories than a chocolate bunny.
There is suppose to be a figural candle too...I have no idea what it is yet.
The beach blanket is nice, priced at $16.50 and cheaper with a coupon, it coupled with the $5.00 tote is a nice pair. 
Throw in the contents of the Aloha Bucket, a pair of rubber colorful flip flops and you have a nice gift for someone...Think Mothers Day.
I am not sure yet what is going on for Mothers Day this year.  I am not seeing any hand soaps and pocketbacs with cute Leprechans on for St. Patrick's Day so perhaps that is skipped this year.
 I picked up one of the new Shower Sponge holders, one of the three that will be available, in the Palm Tree.  The fish and turtle had not yet arrived.  Priced at $4.50 and paired with the pineapple sponge coming it is one way to bring color to my bathroom.
Some of the new items that we will see: cosmetic bags with full sized as well as travel trios and pocketbacs.  Various pricing.
A new Hawaii shell inspired candle sleeve pried at $15.50.  And the new pocketbac holder with the photo real palm trees on.  I did grab another mermaid yesterday in case my favorite pocketbac buddy misses getting one.


And this is the new bounce back coupon coming tomorrow.



 I am planning to visit at least three stores tomorrow to see what the floorsets look like and what if anything is different as far as items.  I hope at least one of them get the new Hoppy bunny PB holder.  So until tomorrow...



Bath & Body Works | Aloha Hawaii Release day
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