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Bath & Body Works | Hi Haters!

A few days ago I wrote a post about the information that I share and how it sometimes doesn't always get received well. Well, here we go again. 

Some days you're the pigeon, other days...the statue.

Wednesday...I was the pigeon.

I hear great news. Finally, the candles will be going on sale on Friday and Saturday for the weekend and the pricing will be $12.95. Great news. I thought it was great because I needed to grab two candles for my aunt and I wanted to see if there were any scents that just came out that I may need.

Truth be told, I don't need any candles....I need to de-stash some...but you know how it scents come out and you are all ready to grab them.

So my brain is busy digesting the $12.95 candle sale information I had just heard and then I hear that Aromatherapy will be on sale and it will be priced at $6.50 for both the Lotion and Shower Gel.

I did try the new Sleep scent lotion in the store and not long after I applied it, I had to go wash it off as the fragrance turned with my chemistry. But I thought since the shower gel is a different form and not a long lasting scent like the lotion would be, I could enjoy the scent that way. So I make a mental note...Candles and Aromatherapy this weekend.

As soon as I finished my purchase, I went to social media to share the great news.

Every day I get messages asking when are the candles going on sale for $12.95? And every day I must answer that I have not heard. Well, now I have so with the weekend two days away...people can plan accordingly.

My source was more than credible. So it is posted.

I never should have said a word.

Thursday, I was still the pigeon for a time.

And then things turned. I started getting messages that the stores were hearing that there will be a candle sale on the weekend, but the pricing was now going to be $10 off.

I made another posting about the messages I had heard with the pricing change. And my social media blew up - all over me.

So...what happened? No idea. I know what I shared was correct as stated for stores on that day as coming for the weekend.

And yes I know that the stores get notified the night before sales to plan them and with it being two days before was odd. Others shared with me that their stores also had the information and discussion about that $12.95 price point sale but they were sent the new info late that directed them to post $10 off as the sale. Some shared that while the rest of us had $10 off sales...they were "testing" a $13.50 sale pricing.

And those who are familiar with this brand know all about that. Random testing of all kinds of things at any time happen often. Stores I shopped at are currently testing a 5/$26 hand soap sale. UGH. Um, thank you.

Does sale information get changed because it was shared? Could be....yes. Sometimes at Christmas time I am more careful as to how soon I share because it may change.

Do I think that this sale was changed because I shared it? No. I think that Bath and Body Works is enjoying the $10 off ( $14.50 ) candle pricing right now and people are buying them, so why change? People feel like anything off of the retail value of a $24.50 candle is a sale and they won't miss out on it hoping for something better. I have had "friends" tell me that when the stores were trying to fill up the empty shelves after SAS and when stock is low...they may not have a sale or opt for a higher price sale. Perhaps it gives them a chance to catch up? I don't know... I don't claim to know. I am just sharing some ramblings.

Thursday....I went from being the being the pigeons droppings. Literally. That's what I was being called. A piece of S.... Among other things.

I keep my social media pages set to public because I am sharing what I hear with anyone. Follow me or not. Here it is. Keep it cursing and no fighting among yourselves. We are adults....most days. And we are talking about fragrance for heavens sake.

Private groups on Face Book make me giggle. Nothing is ever private. They will share your information they get from you for other members and then they will roast you on an open fire. And that is what started happening Thursday afternoon and all through Friday when word from workers in those groups shared the sale of $12.95 wasn't happening. And I became the statue while their admin let it happen.

Hate is a powerful thing. All it takes is one person to make a spark and before long a fire filled
hate-fest begins that consumes so many.

I know...sticks and stones...and that whole the Lion doesn't concern himself over the opinions of sheep saying. But we are talking about trying to tear someone down and so much hate over a wax filled glass sale??? You as a hater start posts that fire people up and they in turn come after the source of your sad "oh the sale isn't happening like she said boohoo" feelings.

Let's be clear about a few things that some haters try to push off as the truth to discredit me. I don't call Corporate. Or Customer Service. I don't call Stores. I don't need to.

I certainly don't " harass the hell out of associates " ( so ridiculous it's laughable ) nor do I have tactics that corporate is well aware of. I don't think I do, they don't tell me I do.

My information is not #fakenews... and I don't post and post stirring people up without knowing for sure something is going to happen.

So that Aromatherapy sale that I had shared was coming Friday/Saturday ??? is actually happening tomorrow...Sunday. $6.50 Body Lotions and Shower Gels.

I was told, I made that sale up too....what was it that was said...oh yes, " we knew it wasn't happening since we just had a Aromatherapy sale days ago." *eyeroll. Sure. Well friends, here it is.

And that candle sale? Oh it is still coming.

For all of the Bitter Betty's out there, The Jealous Jessie's and the Petulant Pam's while you are out there swimming in your sea of Hate pretending to be all knowing... I will be over here " reporting the news " and making it great.

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Friday, 24 May 2019

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