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Bath & Body Works | Holiday Christmas Fragrances List


Scents Available:

  • * Fresh Balsam - available in 2 in 1 and Bubble Bath Only
  • Pink Mango Spritzer
  • Sparkling Nights
  • Twisted Peppermint

Characteristics: Clean, Bright, Refreshing

Ingredients: Has a lighter fragrance intensity driven by top notes like cotton, citruses, and watery notes.


Scents Available:

  • Winter Winter Jasmine

Characteristics: Soft, Feminine, Flowery

Ingredients: Uses more floral notes that other fragrances like Jasmine, Gardenia, Freesia, Honeysuckle, and Rose.


Scents Available:

  • Champagne Toast
  • * Frosted Cranberry - available in 2 in 1 and Bubble Bath Only
  • Merry Cherry Cheer
  • * 'Tis the Season - available in 2 in 1 and Bubble Bath Only
  • Winter Berry Wonder

Characteristics: Fresh, Juicy, Happy

Ingredients: Can still have florals and warm notes, but uses more fruit notes like tropical fruits, orchard fruits, and mixed berries.


Scents Available:

  • Frosted Coconut Snowball
  • Hot Cocoa and Cream
  • Spiced Gingerbread Swirl
  • Vanilla Bean Noel
  • Winter Candy Apple

Characteristics: Yummy, Sweet

Ingredients: Nostalgic fragrances that use gourmand notes like Caramel, Sugar, Chocolate, Candies, and Baked Goods. Available in Christmas Fragrances only. 


Scents Available:

  • Forever Red
  • Snowflakes and Cashmere

Characteristics: Warm, Sensual

Ingredients: More intense fragrance notes driven by warmer background notes like Vanilla, Spices, Ambers, and Musks.


Scents Available:

  • Kaleidoscope (select stores only)
  • In the Stars

Characteristics: Sexy, Long Lasting, Addictive

Ingredients:Long lasting fragrances due to heavier doses of background notes like Patchouli, Sandalwood, Cedar, Black Pepper and Vetiver.

Yes, as noted above there are going to be Fragrances only offered in these forms: 2-in-1 and Bubble Bath and they are:

  • Fresh Balsam
  • Frosted Cranberry
  • 'Tis the Season

And these sound like New Names ( may not be new fragrances):

  • Pink Mango Spritzer
  • White Winter Jasmine

One more thing to make note of:

The New Fragrance Kaleidoscope may be for select stores only.  Not sure...just archiving that info for now.

Photos of the new as they come out - Oh and There is Mousse to Oil Body Care for the new scents coming out on Monday.

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Wednesday, 19 February 2020

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