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Bath & Body Works | I'm in a Holiday state of mind...

The yard is alive with green grass and the scent of flowers, birds, and bees...

The sky is the bluest I have seen in some time with a scattering of white puffy clouds here and there...

The sun warms my face...

And I am lost in thoughts of Bath and Body Works for Fall and Holiday.

Silly, I know.  But this happens all of the time.  I think because I am more of a fall and holiday fragrance lover over those spring and summer scents.  Not only in body care products but also in home fragrance.  And with the routine of Bath and Body Works always having their Semi-Annual Sale launching in June, and it is more or less filled up with spring and summer things...I get bored and long for it to be over for the new to come.

I did make a few purchases already from the Semi-Annual Sale, spending more than I thought I would all while trying to hold back for what comes next.  If you see my recent purchases you would note it is very little body care and more accessories with plenty of Hand Sanitizers thrown in for good measure.

The first purchase (shown below - $21.22) was on Day Three of the sale and it was hand sanitizers and leftover Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin Hand Soaps. This Monday I purchased (shown below - $44.92)  more Hand Sanitizers and the Rose Refresher Mist on sale, and the Candle was only 50% off ( odd since it's dated 2017) and the Geo Candle Holder was regular pricing at $18.50.  Ugh....but I wanted it to go along with the Gem Candle Sleeve I already had.

So barring any exciting finds in the store during the sale, I may be done with purchases for now.  

I have been incredibly busy with all things life related while caring for my elderly father in law now going on a year so I haven't had the chance to make blog posts of things I needed to archive. Add in a wicked case of very painful tennis elbow situation still happening and an arm in a sling...and you have information not getting out there in a timely manner.

Yesterday I shared some briefly on Instagram Stories, while making a one-sentence post on Facebook.

On Instagram I shared the photo that I have been sharing for months regarding Bath and Body Works Trademarked Names.  And on FaceBook I stated what I have been hearing for weeks now..."Holiday at Bath and Body Works this year is going to be HUGE."

I know that may appear as a tease without much more to quantify what it means, but that was not my intent.  It was my excitement over what we will see coming up and my attempt to share some of that excitement.

I guess I could have said, " Start Saving Your Money For Christmas!".... because it is true.  

Yes, I know we have all of July to get through first, and then the Fall Collection of products but....start saving your money for Christmas!  

Let me begin with next month...July first.

We know all of the summer-inspired candles that were testing a bit ago did not come out nationwide for the SAS.  And we usually have a Summer feel floorset after the sale and before we go all out on fall thinking.

These are those candles -

( with thanks to all who shared them on social media and allowed me to share too)

@_scentsgalore, @heretoday20, @iambored24

  • Orange Cream Soda
  • Waffle Cone
  • Endless Weekend
  • Cherry Snow Cone
  • Boardwalk
  • Pool Party

  • Toasted Smores
  • Watermelon Lemonade
  • Wildflower Meadow
  • Campfire Donut
  • Citrus and Sandalwood
  • In-Tents Coffee
  • Flannel

  • Marshmallow Musk
  • White Caramel Cold Brew
  • Vanilla Birch

Also, keep in mind, fall "test" candles launched last year on July 3rd, With the fall signature scents launching July 13th.  So we could possibly start seeing this year fall candles test this first week of July.

If you follow me you know I try to keep up with trademark names found to archive them. Not that seeing those names means we will see actual products always...even though we do. Many times the names are for marketing as well or products that may be considered now and get pushed off for another time. So I make note of it for reference for an archive.

Here are some of the more recent names trademarked:

  • Pocketbac
  • Pocketbac Pals
  • Kaleidoscope
  • In the Stars
  • Niacyl
  • Chemistry of Beauty
  • Gingham
  • Lovely Dreamer
  • Pretty as a Peach
  • Nordic Escape
  • Manarchy
  • Bubble Cool
  • Skin Goals

Some names like Pretty as a Peach, have already been used as products so seeing those and Velvet Sugar mean they could be just reissuing the trademark for the product.  Nothing new or fantastic.

The ducky on the water is most likely a logo for marketing...maybe for a design label.

Skin Goals, Chemistry of Beauty, Pocketbac and Pocketbac Pals, I think are also marketing.

Niacyl could be a new skin care regime, so we will see what that is about.

When I read the word Gingham earlier in the year I thought, what a perfect name for a signature body care collection.  I haven't heard if it's something that is coming...but it should.

I thought the Lovely Dreamer would be a cute body care collection for summertime.  I haven't heard anything about that yet.

When I read IN THE STARS...I thought it was a body care collection that could be coming for Summer because of all of the ( at the beach, in the sun, on the waves....blah, blah...) and I was incorrect.  It is coming for Holiday.

For some time now, District Managers were sharing the little insider bottles of In the Stars with their stores to prep them for the release in a few weeks.  I am getting rave...rave reviews from those who have tried it and have been sharing what they think with me.  I am very excited to smell it myself and fingers crossed it works with my chemistry.  

I was told it was feminine yet fresh and effervescent while staying fresh even on dry down where others tend to get musky.  I don't yet have scent notes but I will share those as soon as I hear.

And Kaleidscope is also a new signature fragrance coming.  When it launches, I am not sure, but I would guess closer to holiday with a name like that.

Manarchy and Nordic Escape are Men's scent names and I have a good feeling they will launch for holiday gift giving or later.  Bath and Body Works does like adding/testing new men's products and hopefully these will go wide...unlike the whole Men's Fragrance Lemon ( which was C.O.Bigelow Lime Coriander by the way ) that tested and never went nationwide.  Only the stores that tested it had it for the Semi-Annual Sale bins.

So for July, we know to watch for:

  • A new Fragrance Launch, In The Stars
  • New Three Wick Summer Candles
  • A possible launch of fall scents test candles


Throughout the month of July, we will start to see more fall-related items filter in. 

I wondered if we would see:

A Fourth of July Americana Inspired Candle, and Hand Soap in some Apple Scent.  We did get the Peace Pocketbac.

A Summer Themed VIP Beach Tote

A release / "test" of the Fall Traditions Body Care scents - and please...if they do Fall Traditions Body Care Collection let them all be Full Sized with great labels.  No more of these skinny fragrance mist bottles and off looking travel size products.

I can't remember when I shared it was coming on my social media ( a few weeks now) without looking back but I was told that Forever Red is returning for Holiday and it will be in the signature body care packaging.  So I am guessing no more fancy bottle with the pesky ribbon that kept poking me and breaking off.  Yay.  I know all that went into making the original product, I happened to see the home office video prior to the launch ( a former store manager who was invited to home office shared it with me) to better understand the high-end products it took to smell the way it did.  I hope that this revival of it is only a change of the packaging and not of the fragrance quality.

Recently, stores have been conducting surveys on the upcoming Holiday products.  From candle scent names and labels to body care.  

A friend alerted me to the candle survey that was happening in Florida a week or so ago and I think in one more location.  If you participate in the survey, you can't share the names or information. But those who passed by and did not take the survey have shared a few names with me.  I don't want to post them yet but I heard some scents that are familiar are getting a new name while other scents are new, New.  I will share them when I get more. And the collections will be adorable as we have come to expect from Bath and Body Works.

Can we hope for anything better than some New NEW?

Now body care that was surveyed included one that we were excited to have out last year but it didn't make the cut...but now it is.  If you can remember way back then when I shared it, you will be excited.  I know I am!!!

In looking back on last years posts from this time of year we also had new Aromatherapy launch so with holidays coming I can see more new packaging or maybe a new scent or two being added.  I do love the Aromatherapy products, so I am hoping to see them in both body care and home fragrance.

Now I did not (yet) hear about Halloween and what we will see but if plans are to make things bigger than last year I hope they are reading our social media requests and make Halloween HUGE too. We need plenty of fragrance!!!  And cute pocketbac stickers for ME.

These next few weeks/months will go by quickly and if things go as they did last year new things should be popping up everywhere.  As I find out the new I promise I will get the information out.  And thank you to all who share their finds with me so I may share with everyone.  I truly appreciate the community that has come together over Home Fragrance and Body Care Products. 

Hugs for now...Tess

(Photo credit above: Bath and Body Works - 2017 Holiday Collection)

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