Bath and Body Works newest Fragrance Collection for Holiday 2018 - In The Stars - will be coming out soon as a limited release on October 1st with the full collection becoming available October 29th...(according to B&BW).

I did order the Mini Perfume Spray when it became available online on September 24th but goodness it is taking forever to get here!

Luckily, I got it sprayed on me in store yesterday and I LOVE it. It has a definite warmth to it and works beautifully with my chemistry...when I get my purchase I will do a more in-depth review of it on me.

Until then, here are a few of the items I have found online tonight. Links to each are shown but keep in mind these items are showing out of stock currently. My sharing this post is for the first look of all forms being found. 

In The Stars Ultra Shea Body Cream

In the Stars Mini Perfume Spray

Make every moment glow with an addictive fragrance that radiates from start to finish like the stars above. In The Stars is a warm, sparkling blend of starflower, sandalwood musk, sugared tangelo, white agarwood & radiant amber.

New Signature Fragrance:
*In the Stars - Starflower. Tangelo Oil, Spun White Sugar, White Agarwood, and Sandalwood Musk Special Preview at the beginning of October with all of the forms available October 29th
Available Forms:

( this promo photo of the perfume above  was found on google - @musings of a muse)