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Bath & Body Works | July 2015 Sweet Summer Collection

May 29, 2015

Here is some of what we will be seeing this July 6th at Bath and Body Works:
Splash into Summer Signature Fragrance Collection

Cool Melon Kiwi (fruity, cool, fresh)
frozen watermelon, kiwi sorbet, and apple blossom

Guava Pineapple Splash (fresh, fruity, juicy)
guava nectar, tropical pineapple, ginger fizz
Iced Coconut Coolada (fresh, creamy, exotic)
coconut milk, passion-fruit sorbet, orange zest, creamy vanilla, lime ice
Mango Tango (fresh, fruity, juicy)
mango tango twist: mouth watering mango, pink pomelo, fresh sugarcane, sun-kissed amber, tangerine twist
Pink Lemonade Fizz (fresh, citrus, fruity)
pink lemonade fizz: meyer lemon, pink honeysuckle, white strawberry, summer freesia, sugared musk

Available Forms:
  • Fine Fragrance Mist
  • Cooling Gel
  • Shea and Vitamin E Shower Gel
  • Shea and Vitamin E Body Lotion
  • Ultra Shea Body Cream
  • Travel Trio
A Special Detail was added to each of the Fine Fragrance Mists in this collection:
A color striped straw to really connect it to the Pop-Tails theme!



Home Fragrance

Summer Drink Pop-tails Collection Candles
(currently testing April 27, 2015 - Releasing July 6th, 2015)

I have not seen the Banana Kiwi Colada or Lime Granita Margarita candle on store lists as
coming to Bath and Body Works nationwide.  It may remain a
White Barn Candle exclusive with some still at BBW test stores.
  • Banana Kiwi Colada  *not in bbw stores
  • Lime Granita Margarita  - frozen limes, simple syrup, sprig of mint  * white barn exclusive
  • Island Margarita - ripe nectarine, mandarin, persimmon
  • Limoncello Poptail - Sorrento lemons, cane sugar, sheer vanilla
  • Mango Coconut Cooler - tropical mango, coconut milk, mandarin blossoms
  • Pink Apple Punch - green apple, juicy Honey crisp, pink melon punch
  • Sangria Berry Freeze - strawberries, lime twist, sparkling wine
  • Spiked Cherry Limesicle - bing cherries, red apples, sparkling lime
  • Twisted Caramel Gelato - sea salt, warm caramel sauce, vanilla gelato
  • Watermelon Lemonade - watermelon nectar, coconut milk, mandarin blossoms

 Banana Kiwi Colada
 Lime Granita Margarita 

Island Margarita

 Limoncello Poptail

 Mango Coconut Cooler
 Pink Apple Punch

 Sangria Berry Freeze
 Spiked Cherry Limesicle
photo credit: tbandmuffinheads  
 Twisted Caramel Gelato
 Watermelon Lemonade
My thanks to ebay seller ( makingsunshinehappen) for posting these auctions so we can grab them early. Photo credit: makingsunshinehappen

 Here is their link
And my thanks to papawandmamawsplace for sharing auctions showing the cute lids. Photo credit to the lid pictures to: papawandmamawsplace

Here is their link
Pop-tails Hand Soap Collection:
Available in Deep Cleansing and Gentle Foaming:
  • Honey Dew Cooler (summer melon and frozen kiwi)
  • Sparkling Sweet Nectarine (fresh nectarine and sweet basil)
  • Cool Coconut Colada  (cool creamy coconut and vanilla)
  • Pineapple Sorbet (iced pineapple and watermelon)
  • Pink Grapefruit Pop  (juicy grapefruit and fizzy tangerine)
  • Strawberry Lemon (sweet strawberry, iced meyer lemon)

Pop-Tails Hand Sanitizers
  • sparkling sweet nectarine
  • honeydew cooler
  • pink grapefruit pop
  • strawberry lemon
  • pineapple sorbet
  • cool coconut coolada

Pop-Tails Wallflowers:

  • Island Margarita
  • Limoncello
  • Mango Coconut Cooler
  • Pink Apple Punch
  • Sangria Berry Freeze
  • Twisted Caramel Gelato
  • Watermelon Lemonade


    • Floral
    • Fleur de lis Knob
    • Hobnail Milk Glass (not glass) teal and coral colored
    • Kite (night-light)

    Pop-Tail Scent-portables:
    • drink
    • silver hombre
    • turquoise stingray
    • popsicle




    Pop-Tail Collection Accessories:

    Shower Sponges and Holders:
    • owl and skunk sponge and razor holder
    • leaf and acorn sponge holder





    Travel Sized bottle holders:

     Cosmetic Bags

    Candle Sleeves:
    • brushed champagne tile pedestal
    • verdigris scroll pedestal
    • tall champagne tile pedestal
    • shiny nickel vine
    Room Fragrances:
    $7.50 new price


    Pocketbac Hand Sanitizers
    Beginning July 6th, we will see a new look for an old favorite. Pocketbac Hand Sanitizers got a new and improved look to the bottle and a new formulation to the sanitizer that now includes Aloe and Vitamin E.
    With more than 35 fragrances to choose from--  I chose them all ;)
     Fresh Picked:
    Simply Sparkly Tote
    Friday July 24th - July 26th

    Pricing will be either $20 with a $30 purchase or $25 with a $30 purchase

    •Beautiful Bag with an attached cosmetic pouch
    •Beautiful Day full size trio, ...
    •Beautiful Day Ultra Body Cream
    •Japanese Cherry Blossom gentle foaming hand soap
    •Japanese Cherry Blossom Pocketbac
    •Glitter Pocketbac clip


    We could be seeing another Signature Fragrance Collection with the July Sweet Summer Sale or sometime in July just after the new Splash into Summer and it is called:

    Seaside Escape
    It will include this trio of Signature Fragrances:
    Beach Breeze - Seaside Mimosa - Sun-Kissed Days

    Breathe in the crisp, salty breeze...take in the colorful sailboats on the water...feel the soft sand underneath your feet and throw all of your cares into the sea.







     (beach breeze and sunkissed days photos being sold
    on ebay I_love_firemen)

    Scent Notes:
    Sun Kissed Days: (citrus, clean, crisp warm)
    ❥beach blossom, sundrenched sandalwood, wild freesia, seaside citrus and golden musk
    Seaside Mimosa: (bright, fruity, juicy, sweet)
    ❥pink grapefruit, mimosa blossom, white nectarine, coral honeysuckle, and cape cod cedar wood
    Beach Breeze: (creamy, exotic)
    ❥coconut water, crisp lemon, vanilla musk, cotton blossom, blonde driftwood
    Available Forms:
    • Fine Fragrance Mist
    • Shea and Vitamin E Body Lotion
    • Shea and Vitamin E Shower Gel
    • Ultra Shea Body Cream
    • 3 Wick Candle
    • Gentle Foaming Hand Soap
    These scents will cover all categories; Body, Home and Hand Soap.

     Another Home Fragrance Collection we will see is the:
    Perfect Getaway Collection
    (currently testing April 13, 2015 -  Releasing July 6th, 2015)
    • Amsterdam- tulips and windmills -
    • Bangkok- golden temples and spice -  * white barn exclusive
    • Barcelona- mandarins and mosaics -
    • Bora Bora- bungalows and beaches -  * white barn exclusive
    • Hawaii- aloha passion flower
    • Istanbul- sparkling amber -
    • Italy- espresso café -  *white barn exclusive
    • London- tea and lemon -
    • Los Angeles-  * white barn exclusive
    • New York- black tie -
    • Paris- French daydream -

    photo credit of Perfect Getaway candles: makingsunshinehappen on Ebay
    photo credit of London Calling candle: hearthandsoul youtube
    photocredit of New York candle: Kiwiteenie Ebay

    And scheduled for a July release and released much earlier:
    Just in time for the 4th of July!
    American Apple Signature Fragrance Collection
    Scent Notes:
    Washington Apple, Sheer Sunlight, American Oak
    Available in these forms:
    • Fine Fragrance Mist
    • Shea and Vitamin E Body Lotion
    • Shea and Vitamin E Shower Gel
    • Pocketbac Hand Sanitizer
    • Hand Soap
    • 3 Wick Candle

    And if all of this isn't enough, here is a sneak peek into the next trio of Signature Fragrances from Bath and Body Works coming August 3rd called:
    Wine Country

    As Pictured the names are:
    Napa Chardonnay Escape
    Sonoma Merlot Sunset
    Vineyard Champagne Kiss
    According to the bounceback coupon the names are:
    Napa Valley Escape
    Sonoma Weekend Sunset
    Vineyard Champagne Kiss

    Somewhere between the printing of one booklet of information and the bounceback coupon the names were changed to match those of the (trademarked) names I shared months ago. I do like the current names better.

    Available Forms:

    •Fine Fragrance Mist
    •Shea and Vitamin E Body Lotion
    •Shea and Vitamin E Shower Gel
    •Ultra Shea Body Cream
    •Travel Trio

    Bath & Body Works | American Collection Hand Soaps
    Bath & Body Works | June 2015 American Summer


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