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Bath & Body Works | July Fall Floor Set Updated

With the next part of July's multi week fall floor set update scheduled for tomorrow, July 21st, I have been busy trying to update my July posting of all of the new products being found daily. This was a list I had started back when Semi Annual Sale was happening right before it ended so it includes some of the last products we saw added to the stores. 

Rather than start another list at the time, I simply began adding the new fall products. And it would appear there is going to be plenty of fall to shop for.

From what I know here is the timeline:

  • Sunday, July 14th after closing - The Pumpkin Preview will be set
  • Sunday, July 21st after closing - The Fall Traditions Fixture will set
  • Sunday, July 21st after closing - The Fall Preview Wallflowers and Hand Soaps will be set in the cabinets
  • Thursday, July 25th after closing - The Body Care Walls and Cabinets will be updated
  • Sunday, July 28th after closing - The White Barn Fixtures will be set and the remainder of the Floor set will be done.

Keep in mind some stores have already begun to set their fall items so you may see the majority of new products in those stores already.  Not all do, so if you don't see it yet, know it's coming. The stores I shop have nothing new out as of yet so I am looking forward to seeing everything come together with the Fall Traditions Body Care as the centerpiece.

I have heard that a Halloween display is not yet called for and we should only see the hand soaps out.  Then again, social media postings show us so much of the new Halloween in some stores as well as early purchases made by those who shop there.

We will see a few fan favorite Retired Scents return to the stores...Twilight Woods to name one. I think I heard there will be two.

 A Collection of  Fresh Greens Body Care will also be arriving.  

I saw new candles I have to add as soon as I figure out where they belong.

Moisturizing Body Wash will be added to the Aromatherapy Eucalyptus Tea Collection.   And LOVE Jasmine Sandalwood will make an appearance soon in its new packaging.

Beautiful Day has a new package that is not going over too well with the lovers of that scent.

Oh Yes, Kaleidoscope is coming to all stores now after testing for a time and being an online only fragrance. Expect that soon.

So that is it for tonight's recap, be sure to check out the link below and get your fall must have list ready!

Click Here for the July Floor Set Post

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