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Bath & Body Works | Let's Get Away Candle Collection | December 4, 2016

These candles are part of the candle collections that will come out Sunday, December 4th, the day after Candle Day sales to replenish the store stock.
Beach Cabana -Beachside Jasmine, Orange Blossom, Warm White Sands
Coconut Leaves - Coconut Husk, Beachside Palm, Juicy Tangerine
Jasmine Waters -White Jasmine Petals, Cool Water, Soft Violet Leaves, Beach Bark
Mango Dragonfruit -Island Mango, Pink Dragonfruit, Bright Mandarin, Red Currant
Raspberry Lime Margarita - Ripe Red Raspberries, Sparkling Lime Fizz, Raw Sugar Crystals
Salted Vanilla - White Sea Salt, Madagascar Vanilla, Soft Buttercream
Tobacco Flower -Tobacco Flower, Black Peppercorn, Spicy Orchid, Warm Tonka
White Sand Beaches -Deep Blue Waters, Soft Woods, Coastal Tiare Flowers, Sea-Salted Lavender
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