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Bath & Body Works | Let's Talk Fragrances | Pumpkin Festival and Holiday

August 29, 2016
I wanted to make a quick post on what will be happening, most likely, scent wise this week and in the near future.
From what I know we will see this week:
The Pumpkin Festival will launch the Pumpkin trio of scents-
Pumpkin Cupcake - spiced pumpkin, toasted pecan, vanilla buttercream, orange zest, cinnamon swirl.
Salted Caramel Pumpkin -salted caramel, harvest pumpkin, maple cream, sugared woods, fluffy musk.
Pumpkin Apple Cider - mulled apple cider, autumn gold pumpkin, buttered rum, warm praline, hint of spice.
Purr-fect Pumpkin Halloween Signature in all stores
We will also see two clearance tables set up this floor set with the summer scents on sale:
The Get Happy, and Live Fresh Collection-
Beach Nights ~ Summer Marshmallow
Live Fresh ~ Seaside Breeze
Get Happy ~ White Peach Sangria
Sunshine Days ~ Bright Sunflowers
Sweet Escape ~ Strawberry Picnic
Summer State of Mind Collection:
Poolside Coconut Colada
Blue Waves and Citrus
Forever Beach Days
Sweet Summer Sunset
I do not yet know what the pricing is going to be on these clearance items yet. I will update it when I do.
After the summer clearance sells down a bit, we should then see the launch of the new Signature Fragrance:
Sweet Cranberry Rose
Scent Notes:
A heartwarming blend of cranberry nectar, pear leaves & rose petals                        
Top Notes: Fresh Cranberries, Pear Leaves, Sugared Plum
  • Mid Notes: Velvet Rose Petals, Jasmine Nectar, Ginger Lily
  • Dry Notes: Spiced Woods, Tonka Bean, Autumn Musk


    and we should also see:
    Pink Cashmere
    Scent Notes:
    pink jasmine petals, creamy sandalwood, white amber, cashmere musk

    Now we know that Cashmere Glow is returning to stores this fall/holiday season and its status has changed online already from the retired section, so those who Love that scent will love seeing it in stores again for a limited time.
    Holiday Fragrances are still some time from hitting stores for the season, but there will be some limited testing of holiday scents coming later in September.
    I look forward to seeing those and any other surprise scent names I am still unsure of coming back.
    I shared the names of some holiday returnees a week ago.....
    Fresh Sparkling Snow
    Winterberry Wonder
    Snowflakes & Cashmere
    I'm not sure if Frosted Winter Woods, or Snow Kissed Sugar is also coming back....I hadn't heard.
    As far as New Names for the Holiday, I shared some trademarked names forever ago and we will see them come:
    Magic in the Air
    There was a trademarked name Wrapped in Sugar and that too seems fitting, but not yet confirmed as a fragrance.
    Of course our ever Popular Holiday Tradition Scents are returning:
    Twisted Peppermint
    Vanilla Bean Noel
    Winter Candy Apple
    But two names that are also trademarked, that would fit into this line up, Frosted Coconut Snowball and Sugarplum Swirl  could be the missing names from a five scent line  we will keep an eye out to see what else may arrive.
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