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Bath & Body Works | Limited Edition Shower Gels and Glycerin Bar Soap

May 4, 2015
What a  nice surprise!  And what a fragrant selection.  I can't stop smelling them and I am starting to check each one out and I will write my thoughts on each. 
I am loving how fresh they all smell, each different from the last but with an appeal that makes you want to try them.
There were a few not available yet to try...but when I get them I will add them to this post.
Here is the list of scents:

Coconut Lime Verbena
zesty lime, sheer coconut water, juicy melon jasmine petals

 Creamy Almond and Sunflower
almond milk, sunflower petals, orange blossom, vanilla musk

 Fresh Water Waves and  Sandalwood
drenched lime, sun kissed sandalwood, sea breeze

 Iced Tangerine Mojito
wild tangerine, iced mint, water lily, nectarine sorbet

 Ocean Melon and Mango
juicy honeydew, frozen mango, watery hyacinth, cucumber flower

 Pink Hibiscus and Pomegranate
sun kissed hibiscus, juicy pomegranate, luscious gardenia, fresh star fruit

 Summer Rain and Linen
 lakeside breeze, sheer linen, summer apple, key lime








I just tried all of the bar soaps and here are my thoughts:
I remember Glycerin soap was something my grand mom used all of the time and I remember the scent the soap itself had. Unique in a way and unforgettable.
I tried all of the five bars I have...and my skin is so smooth. And I love that about this kind of soap.
Suds: using a wash cloth I had a nice amount. Using a loofa poofie from BBW I had TONS. Washing my hands in the sink, lots of suds, and very creamy texture to them. They are still very soft.
Scent: in the package, they are strong. Refreshing. But you can detect that hint of glycerin as a base. But yummy...and I would recommend every scent I got so far.
In the shower the scent is not too strong...which I guess is why they said you can use them with fragrance because it wont interfere with it.
Washing your hands with the soap, the scent is subtle too...but there....just enough. lighter than if you used a hand soap. The bar does have the nubs on one side and it is flat on the other.
Scent in the packaging:
Coconut Lime Verbena -I found it more lime with a hint of coconut. nice perfect combo..I couldn't stop sniffing it in the package
Creamy Almond & Sunflower
Fresh Water Waves & Sandalwood
Iced Tangerine Mojito - crisp orange very refreshing, another I smelled over and over...
Ocean Melon and Mango - I smelled melon
Pink Hibiscus & Pomegranate - my first thought was raspberry and pomegranate. very nice combo
Summer Rain & Linen - very clean, light linen and a hint of apple
There were two I didn't get and I will just to try them too. I would recommend trying these. They are priced at $8.50 a bar....yep a bit pricey....but are included in the buy/ get free sales and you can use coupons so it does drop the price down a bit. Nice gift idea.

Bath & Body Works | Limited Edition Shower Gels an...
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