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Bath & Body Works | Mediterranean Market Candle Collection | New Ciao Bella - Sweet Tiramisu

One of the new Mediterranean Market Candles was found today and shared with me so that I may share it.... and it comes out with a Quote kind of label?  Why...why...why...!!!  Why that label?  

No, really...quotes?  I mean if you are having trouble looking for something cute to slap on a jar because you are all out of ideas...or the ideas you are getting are just so-so...go on Google like I did.  Shutter Stock had this cutie...  I mean, I would love to see this on the jar named Sweet Tiramisu...  I bet I am not alone. ;) 

I am not sure when the candles for this collection will hit the shelves for sale...but I am guessing any time now.  They may be regular pricing until we have another ( weekend ) candle sale for $10.50...

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Monday, 14 October 2019

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