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Bath & Body Works | Member Rewards Program APP Information

​A bit of information for those who are interested in the Bath and Body Works Member Rewards Program APP.  While it hasn't gone nationwide yet with limited testing in four locations, some of the perks of it are shared daily on social media causing those who haven't heard of it to ask what it is all about.  Here is what I know.

This APP is available in your APP Store ( for android and apple users ). Here is what you see when you search for it.

If you are living in a qualifying location ( correct zip code ) you can set up your Members Rewards APP and begin using it for all of your purchases.  

Here is an example of what the Member Rewards APP looks like on your phone.  You will get offers and updates daily that will allow you to access the online site for purchases as well as in store use ( in qualifying areas ). As you accumulate your reward goals from your purchases, your free items will appear for redemption. Here is how rewards work:

Rewards may take up to 72 hours to appear in your tracker after an in-store transaction or once your online order has shipped.

How Rewards Work:

Every time you shop , you get closer to a Reward!  To start earning, simply show your rewards card at the register in store, or log in to your My Bath and Body Works account online.

In a Store: Tap your earned reward in the wallet section of the app, then scan your rewards care and your rewards barcode at the register.  Voila!

Online: Tap on your reward in the wallet section of the app, copy the reward code, and enter it in the rewards code box during checkout.  Yay!

Enjoy!  Not ready to redeem?  Rewards expire after 90 days, so make sure to use them before you lose them.  Turn on notifications to get an alert when your rewards are about to expire.

Free Item ( Up to $16.50 Value ). One time use only. In Stores and Online. Excludes sale merchandise. Reward coupon will be applied to the most expensive, eligible product.  Valid for 90 days from date issued. Combinable with other available offers.  Max of 8 rewards applied in stores and online per order.  Shipping fees still apply to free product.  Subject to change without notice.  Products eligible for reward redemption much each have a regular retail unit price equal to or under $16.50.  This means, for example, 3 wick candles and some candle accessories, perfumes, colognes, gift sets, and skin care products with a regular retail unit price above $16.50 are not eligible.

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Wednesday, 24 April 2019

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