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Bath & Body Works | My 12 Rules of Bath and Body Works Semi-Annual Sale Shopping

With Semi-Annual Sale finally upon us, here are a few of my rules that I try, to follow.

Rule Number One. Get there early on opening day.  That whole, early bird and the worm story is true.  Many stores are opening the first few days of the sale at 8 and 9 am!!  { I always do but couldn't because I needed to take my father in law to the doctor for testing.  Hard to say sorry Dad, I want to shop the sale first...hang in there. }

Rule Number Two. Grab it even if you're unsure and you may have fifty of them at home.  If you don't, you will ultimately regret it ( because you don't have fifty at home ) and will still be talking about it many Semi-Annual Sales years from now. { I found a box of Amber Blush on the floor under a 75% off table and couldn't get to it and gave up thinking I would get it today.  It was gone !!}

Rule Number Three.  If everyone is blocking the boxes and you NEED a bottle of say Amber Blush, reach over and get it.  Saying excuse me is optional for some.  I do, but I think there is a great big tablet somewhere keeping track of my good/bad deeds, so you your best where you can.  Save the big rude for special folks. ;)

Rule Number Four. Take a few moments in the corner of the store and check out the items in your blue mesh bag.  Not everything is perfect sometimes and who wants to get stuck with a yucky something.  { I didn't heed my own advice and today, the box was empty of the Amber Blush I wanted and I found four shower gels in the bottom of another box.  I grabbed them, paid for them, and when I got them home I noticed one bottle was missing some product. }  

Rule Number Five.  Use more than one bag to hold your treasures.  If you are planning on grabbing a bunch of candles, put them in one bag and ask the sales associates to hold them for you at the register as you shop for your other items. It is too hard to maneuver tight aisles filled with other shoppers, their children, their strollers, and the huge bag of items they have set on the floor and slide with their foot from one area to another. { I have vision issues and would hate to face plant atop of your bag.}

Rule Number Six.  Plan for the Unexpected. Like 75% off Tables.  You probably made a list of what you wanted ahead of the sale, but you know how it is.  You walk into the crowded store and your "plan" is undone with a sign marked 75% off.  It could be anything on the table...candles...body care...home decor.  Those are the tables you want to go through first because those are the items everyone wants and you don't want to miss out on an item you may have missed out on before. 

Rule Number Seven. If you don't see it out, It probably isn't supposed to be don't get mad at the Sales Associates. I know you read my list of all of the things I knew about coming for Semi-Annual and you, like me, have your list made and your heart set on grabbing them. Know this: the stores get daily updates of what the company wants out and what they want to be held in the back.  I think it depends on how strong the sales are going.  My stores get shipment twice a week now and they are still missing items for many of the tables.  I think certain things will come out slowly as a way to keep this sale from being stale.  Case in point...Black Raspberry Vanilla.  It is coming...we just need to watch for it.  It may be later, closer to the end of the sale when we will see the other summer/fall scents arrive.  

Rule Number Eight. Not all stores are alike, nor will they have the exact same things.  We may see it shared all over social media, pictures of certain collections that were out, even if they are priced at the ticket pricing, and our own stores don't even come close. That does not mean that all stores will have it.  Patience Grasshopper.  What will be, will be.  ;)

Rule Number Nine.  Online is, and will always be different than in the store. Not only pricing but availability... Even if something online reads ' Exclusive" Online, you may see photos of it landing in a store somewhere. Shop where you can get your best value and make yourself happy.  { I shopped online on Sunday for the Icecream Shop candle and a few soaps. They will be here tomorrow, Wednesday.  Talk about speedy service}

Rule Number Ten.  Pricing will change!  If you want the $3.95 Body Care returnees...grab them.  Same thing with the $3 Wallflower bulbs and some of the candles that are $12.95.  After the initial start of the sale, pricing may change to something else so if you see it this week...grab it.  I have heard that some of the candles MAY...May go to $10.95.  Again, they may not if the sales are strong at $12.95.  Just be aware.

Rule Number Eleven. Take your time and check out all of the tables and boxes.  You may not do it on the first few days when you feel you are on a sprint to grab things, but you should find a day where you can try the scents on sale.  There are many fragrances I have passed on while they were in the wall but turned out loving when I stumbled on them at a sale.

The Golden Rule.  Be kind to the Sales Associates.  This time of year is chaotic for them.  Some are new and have no idea what is happening or what their specific role is going to be.  My store has four new gals and it is like being dropped into the deep end without a life raft...innertube...a boat...or the shoreline in sight.  If they ask can they help you...know they are probably terrified to even ask...let's do what we can to make it easier on them.  We may be seeing them more now as we go from Sale to Fall and Holiday.  Whenever there is a new floorset I always tell them how great it is and I know how hard it was for them to do it. It is a lot of work!  Up and down ladders in the back room dragging our candles out one box at a time is no easy task.  They are there when I am sleeping...trying to follow the company floor plan with missing pieces at times...all to make the first look one to be remembered.  I appreciate them...even when they may not appreciate or even like me.  

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Friday, 23 August 2019

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