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Bath & Body Works | My Recent Disappointment Order | Food for Thought

This is just a narrative on just how much things are changing.  And while I am exhausted from three days of heavy snow shoveling and snowblowing that seems unending...I didn't think it was too much to ask to have that one thing I was looking forward to getting to be correct.  And if it wasn't, to have it corrected without my involvement.

Here's what happened.

On Friday late, I placed an online order for a few of the new items that showed up online prior to the Monday release in stores and it finally arrived today. I ordered the Ceramic Bunny Three Wick Candle Holder, a set of five paradise pocketbacs, a lavender bundle wallflower, and two of the three wick Easter Candles.

Scheduled for Tuesday delivery, add in a two day delay because of Winter Storm Stella.  I was not happy with what I found in the box.

When I order I usually take screen shots of what I bought because at the holidays last year I had an issue with receiving a wrong item...Twice...the candle pedestal (holographic style) when I ordered the pearl.  Pretty silly that you need to do that because you can't trust what you are seeing is what is going to be what your going to get. But when it happens more than once, it becomes habit I guess.

And then customer service added to it trying to tell me what I saw and ordered was what I received. Until I proved it with the screen shot! I mean...pearls...glitter. I can tell the difference.

Apparently shopping at B&BW Online is still with problems...having issues showing the correct photo and description...and price.

I don't know why things like this happen...and I get it....when your dealing with uploading massive amounts of product and information...But...

Pennsylvania has laws against Bait and Switch...and what was done regarding this order is utter BS as far as I am concerned.

I order this.  A ceramic Easter Bunny three wick candle holder.  He was priced at $10.50.

Here is what I saw when I ordered it.



I received this:

A metal candle holder with rabbits and eggs.

Not the Same.  Clearly.  And apparently Bath and Body Works knew of the mix up on it because they sent out an email telling those who bought the rabbit... You are not getting it....and you will get a ten dollar e gift card instead. Today.

Now wait.  I ordered and paid for an Easter Bunny Three Wick Candle holder made of ceramic...pictured as such...described as such...and shown as such in the shopping cart. You hit my credit card, charged me and sent my package.

Sending me a metal holder and not what I ordered...and received....does not make it all okey dokey.

Customer Service told me, " Oh, we contacted you yesterday regarding this matter." 


Me:  "No one contacted me, I have been here, home all day since Monday." 

"We are snowed in from the storm."

 CS:  Oh, yes I see...we sent you an email today telling you that you will receive a $10 EGC for this error."


Me: "I don't get what a $10 EGC has to do with not getting a ceramic bunny, I would like to have the bunny please."

CS: "Well, you can take your metal bunny to the store and the $10 EGC and get your bunny."

Me:  "Um, wait a minute.  I ordered a ceramic bunny Friday...and received the wrong in so many ways item and your telling me I now need to hope my store has a bunny that I wanted, thought I was getting, still has one and go there and get it?"

CS:  "Yes.  What store do you shop at, I will call them." 

Me:  I tell her and I am placed on hold for ten minutes.

CS:  "Great News! They have one left and are holding it for you, you must really shop a lot there, they know you by your first name."

Me:  " I do, yes."  "So I need to take the metal sleeve to the store...use the upcoming gift card and add the difference to get the ceramic bunny, right?"

CS: " We are sending you a $10 EGC to cover it."

Me:  It's not quite enough but okay fine. I get to go out in the snow to get the Right item it would seem. Not what I planned on since I ordered it online."

CS: "Well you will get the right item at the store."
Me:  " I ordered it online to have it delivered to me.  Correctly. So I guess I need to go make it right."

Now let's talk about the Easter Bunny Candle." 

"What is going on with the lid?"

CS: "The Easter Bunny candle does not come with a lid.

Me: " Yes it does, I am looking at the description. Candle extinguishing lid."

CS: " It doesn't read that."

Me: "Yes, it does, in my screen shot from my order as well as ONLINE now.  My question is why when I saw the candle in store it has a glittered lid and when I received my order it has what looks like the lid pre-glitter."

CS: "Well if you got a lid then there shouldn't be a problem.  We don't need to match the items in the store to online."

Me: "No, I guess you don't think you need to.  But when customers see something in a store...and the EXACT same looking item is tends to think they are the same."

CS: "We don't need to match the items in the store to online."

Me: " But you do need to be sure the items you ship are the CORRECT items.  PA has laws against bait and switch and these errors that you call them are very off-putting."

" Correcting the Bunny Rabbit Ceramic item by PRICE ONLY online is not the same and saying it was always suppose to be the metal holder." The metal holder is not offered online."  It wasn't there when I placed my order."

"Let's talk about the other problem."

"One of the candles I received will need to be exchanged though.  The glass edge

 is flawed from manufacturing and I am not comfortable in lighting it." The rim is rolled and thin."


CS: "Since you are going to the store, exchange that candle at the same time."

Me: "They are going to give me a hard time...the lids won't match and they will lose out on a sale."

CS: " They will take it back as part of our 100% Happiness Guarantee.  If they don't, call Customer Service and we will direct you to Customer Relations to deal with the problem."

Me: "This isn't fun as a customer to wait for an online order to come, only to find it isn't what I ordered and now I have to go back to a store and deal with the unhappiness there over the exchange/return. Saying they must take it back doesn't mean I won't have to deal with their unhappiness over it."  Where is my happiness?"

CS: "The store will have your Ceramic Bunny waiting for you.  I think I have resolved your issues with this order.  We appreciate your business and guarantee your happiness. Is there anything else I can help you with today?"

Me:  Thank you so much, Have a great day."


Before it is said...I get it.  My $10.50 I paid already plus tax plus the $10 EGC makes it $20.50.  That's suppose to make it cover the $20.67 to buy the Bunny. My complaint is the annoyance of not having the correct item sent...that I have to go out and mess with all of this.  Getting a return on my exchange something that I had no involvement in...then to rebuy it. (Keeping in mind, I don't drive).

And there is still two feet of a snowy mess in my winter wonderland world.

That's why I am not happy. Not World Problems...I know...just annoying.


Before when the company screwed up an order, they resolved the issue.  If a candle was broken, they sent a replacement.  If the wrong item was picked...(clown dog pocketbac versus white puppy in a cup pocketbac was another screw up) then they sent the correct item.

There was none of this take it back to the store business. I didn't pick it wrong...or write the wrong price/description/photo to an item online.

I am not looking for anything free or a huge gift card for my trouble.  I prefer no trouble. No Gift Cards.

You sent me the incorrect item....send me the correct item and a label and off this can go back to you. Take the store out of the equation.  Why not just ship me a Easter bunny from there?

But I am guessing their new "policy" is going to be if we screw it up, you the customer gets to deal with it.

Food for Thought.

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