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Bath & Body Works | New BLOOM Fragrances

Pick your favorite BLOOM New Fragrances...

Coming Soon!  I think we will see this out on the floor for purchase July 30th.

Bath and Body Works BLOOM Fragrance Collection:

  • Almond Blossom - sweet almond oil blended with vanilla orchid and cashmere musk.
  • Rose - airy rose water blended with jasmine petals and creamy musk.
  • Violet Plum - soft violet petals blended with sugared plum and sheer woods.

Available in: Fine Fragrance Mist, Body Lotion, and Shower Gel

Bath and Body Works  Gilded Garden Candle Collection

  • Almond - sweet almond blossom, vanilla orchid, sandalwood
  • Eucalyptus Mint - fresh eucalyptus, sweet spearmint, lemon peel, clary sage
  • French Lavender -
  • Heirloom Apple - golden Honeycrisp, apple blossom, fresh sugarcane
  • Lemon and Fig - bright lemon slices, green fig, aromatic fern, blonde woods
  • Peppercorn - pink peppercorn, cardamom pods, white birch
  • Pomegranate - pomegranate, vanilla sugar, bergamot leaves, grapefruit zest
  • Rosewater and Ivy - soft rose petals, rain-kissed ivy, spring musk
  • White Pumpkin -

Bath and Body Works  Blooms Hand Soap - Gentle Foaming

  • Almond Blossom -  A nutty blend of almond milk, coriander & vanilla sugar
  • Black Berries and Basil -  A farmer's market medley of fresh blackberries, sparkling champagne & basil
  • Ecalyptus Mint - A refreshing blend of fresh mint, crisp eucalyptus & sweet clary sag
  • Rose Water and Ivy - A fresh-cut bouquet of soft rose petals, rainkissed ivy & spring musk
  • Spiced Mandarin - A bright yet cozy blend of zesty mandarin, clove & teakwood
These soaps are online today, July 20th.

Bath and Body Works Hand Soap Collection - Gentle Foaming

  • Autumn Pumpkin - A sweet & spicy mix of warm pumpkin, cinnamon sugar & clove buds
  • Blush Tulips - A blooming bouquet of white jasmine, lily of the valley & sandalwood
  • French Lavender - A soothing blend of fresh lavender, warm amber & soft jasmine
  • Garden Sage and Mint - A crisp medley of fresh mint, tea leaves & geranium
  • Japanese Cherry Blossom - A graceful blend of cherry blossoms, Asian pear & sandalwood
  • Limoncello - A refreshing blend of Sorrento lemons, sugared mint & fresh verbena
  • Peach Bellini - A delicious twist of juicy peach, white apricot & fresh mango
  • Red Apples and Spice - An autumn-perfect cocktail of juicy apple, cinnamon & bourbon
  • Sparkling Pear Riesling - A crisp, bubbly spritzer of Anjou pear, sparkling nectarine & champagne essence
  • Vanilla Bean - A mouthwatering confection of Madagascar vanilla, crushed graham cracker & whipped buttercream
These soaps are online now July 20th.
Bath and Body Works Low Profile Candles
  • Black Cherry Merlot -
  • Black Teakwood -
  • Heirloom Apple -
  • Limoncello -
  • Pumpkin Vanilla -​

Bath and Body Works Moisture Lip Crayon

  • Iris
  • Lilac
  • Lily
  • Orchid
  • Peony
  • Poppy
  • Rose
  • Tulip

Bath and Body Works Gift Bags with Fun Sized Products

  • Pink Roses - A Thousand Wishes -
  • Love - Japanese Cherry Blossom
  • Beauty -
Homeworx By Harry Slatkin | New Mountain Woodland ...
Bath & Body Works | July 23, 2018 Release


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