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Bath & Body Works | New Candles Found - Again!

With Bath and Body Works Semi-Annual Sale just around the corner, stores are starting to get in some new candles that we should be seeing come out when the sale begins June 4th.  Today images of the new candles started to appear on Instagram and I wanted to be sure to get the list of names and scent notes started.  Here is what I know so far...

Destination Candle Collection:

California Vineyard - Black Cherry Merlot - 

Costa Rica - Rainforest and Passionfruit - lush passionfruit, juicy pineapple, white coconut

Iceland - Frozen Lake - crisp eucalyptus, iced juniper, sparkling glacier

Italy - Canoli, and Chocolate - fresh made cannoli, dusting of sugar, sweet milk chocolate

London - Tea and Lemon - 

New York -

Paris - Cafe Bouquet - espresso beans, white tuberose, bergamot zest

Thailand - Coconut Basmati - creamy coconut, golden temple saffron, basmati rice
Message Candle Collection:

Happy Birthday - Pink Lemonade Pound Cake - vanilla pound cake, raspberries, lemon glaze

Thank You - ​Champagne Toast -

Thank You -

Summertime Drink Collection:

Banana Split Milkshake - sweet banana, chocolate sauce, cherry on top

Coconut Water - coconut milk, creamy vanilla, pineapple

Root Beer Float - root beer, vanilla ice cream, dollop of whipped cream

Summertime Soda Pop - crisp lime, zesty lemon, splash of soda

Photo Credit to: @side_wick, @maaarrrittzza, 

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Saturday, 18 August 2018

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