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Bath & Body Works | New Coco Shea - Hand Soap -

Here is a look at more new items coming out in the March Floor Set!

*Coco Shea Cucumber:

Revitalizing Cucumber Face Mask

Refreshing Body Butter

Foaming Cucumber Body Wash 

Moisturizing Body Wash

Moisturizing Body Oil

Cucumber Water All Over Mist

*Coco Shea Coconut Oil:

Intense Moisture Body Butter

24 Hour Moisture Body Lotion 

Moisturizing Body Oil

Moisturizing Body Wash

Richly Moisturizing Body Scrub

In Shower Coconut Oil Body Lotion

*Coco Shea Honey:

Soothing Body Butter

Body Softening Scrub

Moisturizing Body Wash

Soothing Body Butter

 *Hand Soaps:

Beach Life - Fiji White Sands

Sun Please - Mango Mai Tai

Surf's Up - Pineapple Colada

Aloha - Honolulu Sun

*Three Wick Candles:

Waikiki Beach Coconut

Pineapple Sunrise

Mango Mai Tai

Salt Flower

Ocean Driftwood

*Single Wick Candles:

Vanilla Birch

Pepper Suede

Orange Vetiver

Mahogany Teakwood

*Single Wick Candle:

Bondi Beach

*Mini Candle:

I Can't Say I Do Without You - Blushing Pink Petals

2018 Easter Hand Soap ( same as last years version)

*New Hawaii Signature Body Care:

Fresh Sea Salt Mango - fresh mango, sea salt breeze, sunkissed clementine, watery musk, orange blossom

Island White Sand - sparkling tangelo, sheer sands, white orchid, island driftwood, coconut water

Pink Lily and Bamboo - wild lily petals, bamboo leaf, pink ginger, fresh fig, sauna wood

Waikiki Beach Coconut -


Shower Gel

Body Cream

Body Lotion

Fine Fragrance Mist

Hand Soap Collection: Monoi Oil

Fiji White Sands

*Wallflower Bulbs Coming-

Ocean Driftwood

Pineapple Sunrise

Salt Flower

Pineapple Mango

Mango Mai Tai

Waikiki Beach Coconut

Island Margarita

Walmart Beauty Box | Winter 2018
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Saturday, 23 June 2018

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