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Bath & Body Works | New Fall Hand Soaps | Cork & Vine

July 19, 2015
This next collection of hand soaps is part of the Wine Country floor set and they are in the
Cork & Vine Collection. How many are actually coming is still to be determined by me since I see something new everyday. But here is what I know as of today. There is Gentle Foaming and Nourishing Hand Soap... so far. The Nourishing is in the décor wine bottle shape and I am LOVING those.
Transport yourself to an afternoon in the vineyard, where the grapes are ripe and the flowers are in bloom.
Cork & Vine Hand Soaps:
  • Ripe Raspberry Vine
  • Wild Vineyard Blooms
  • Napa Valley Sunset
  • Sonoma Sunflower Blossom
  • White Peach Chardonnay
  • California Citrus and Sunshine
  • Black Cherry Merlot
The label designs:
The photos on the front of the bottle are okay. Nothing fantastic for me, again I love photograph designs, although I do like the Sonoma Sunflower Blossom and Napa Valley Sunset bottle labels.  The Sonoma because it is sheer, and the Napa because of the grapes.
The side label I really like.  There is a image of a wine bottle complete with the wax seal on it and a lot number.  THAT is what the front label should have had..The Cork and Vine logo name identifying the collection, maybe with the long label going down the front...and that wax seal mid center and then the scent name.  I do love they have COLORED BOTTLES AND PUMPS.  That purple/plum Napa bottle will be on my shelf x10. Great fall like theme, kitchen basket theme. 


 The Wine Décor bottle measures approx. 8" tall versus the Gentle Foaming bottles height of 7.5"
Infused with nourishing grape seed extract and olive oil.
Decorator Bottle Available in these scents:
Black Cherry Merlot*
California Citrus and Sunshine*
Napa Valley Sunset*
Ripe Raspberry Vine*
Sonoma Sunflower Blossom*
White Peach Chardonnay*
 The Scents:
  • Ripe Raspberry Vine - sweet berries, rhubarb, musk
 Reminiscent of all of the signature body care with raspberry in it, a perfect match to those.
  • Wild Vineyard Blooms - peonies, autumn vines, port wine

  • Black Cherry Merlot - dark cherry, black raspberry, sumptuous merlot
A sweet Dark Cherry scent reminded me of a hard candy. I love the dark purple bottle.

  • Napa Valley Sunset - luscious cabernet, sun ripened grape and aged oak
Grape.  Sweet...but not sickening sweet grape scented hand soap.  A warmth to it aged oak or whatever...and when you smell it, tell me do you smell a hint...hint of a floral note in there?
  • Sonoma Sunflower Blossom - bright sunflowers, sweet orange blossoms, and white grape
A floral, sweet, mellowed citrus scent.  I am not sure what sunflowers smell like...I have them growing currently and I really don't notice a fragrance to them,  and I know a lot of fragrances claim to have them...but who knows.  What I do know is I would love this as a shampoo scent or bubble bath!
  • White Peach Chardonnay - crisp vineyard peach, chardonnay leaves and vanilla orchid
This scent for me, is soft peach.  Not too citrus, not too floral....just a nice mellow peachy scent.
  • California Citrus and Sunshine - California lemon, sparkling grapefruit, and blonde woods
Full on citrus scent with both the lemons and grapefruit.  I am not smelling any wood notes.
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