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Bath & Body Works | New Garden Party Items | Endless Weekend Preview

April 14, 2014

We were planning to go to a Bath and Body Works store after the first doctor visit this morning and I was pretty excited to see if what I was told last Sunday was true.... The World Gardens | Garden Party floor set was happening last night.  I had a rough Sunday with things I don't need to bore you seeing some new and grabbing some new information would be a plus.

While waiting to get things done, I called the store and was told that they too were instructed to move the floor set up, just not as far as they previously were told.  So now they too will be setting the beginning of next week with everyone.

Drats.  Today's email let me know that they were having the Shower gels on a $5.00 sale so I thought since I was out of town anyway, why not go to that I did.

As soon as I walked in I was greeted by a SA who is so kind and always genuinely asks me if she can help me.  She knows from my coming there that I sort of know my way around, so she just makes sure I know she's there if I need her.

I immediately spotted on the shelf with the wallflower this decorated Wallflower gift boxed  ($15.50)with a bulb...and as I looked I saw the new patina bird. ($8.50) I asked her if she had the new birdhouse ($9.50) WF yet....because I saw it was coming and she pulled it from the box on her cart. 

She told me she was just getting to the wall.  Then I saw the cluster of flowers. ($8.50)

Which is ok...just not great.  The spring bunch for fresh picked launch were prettier but I grabbed this anyway.  The only one missing was the light up rose flower...but she said shipment was unopened on the back floor so she could look later.

I wandered around and saw a new pocketbac holder in a cat with glasses ($5.00)  so I grabbed her....and I grabbed three of the French Lavender Shower gels.

In the front of the store was a display of the SPRING candle all gift bagged and tagged and priced at $10 today.  So I added one of those.  I knew this one made it thru to release even though it wasn't yet on the web.

While looking at the lotions that matched the olive oil Luxury soaps on the bottom shelf that were suppose to be out before and are now showing up in my area to them was the lavender and vanilla lotion in the glass bottle ($16.50)  that matches the new glass bottle lux hand soap.  And because I had that mystery coupon, I grabbed one of those as well.

Giving the store one more quick look....I saw the cart of wallflowers was also filled with the Trio Signature fragrances and I asked the manager if they were coming out today.  I would hate to leave and miss out....and she told me no.  In the small boxes next to them were the previews for Endless Weekend....Mays new Signature scent and I asked about that.  She said she didn't think they would ring yet...and when it did at $8.50 she said I could have it if I wanted it.

So I got one of those to see how the scent smells on me.  I will get into it more of course when my Insiders box arrives but just with spraying it on my hand....with no other scent reminds me of a redo....and my first thought was forever midnight....  It is something....and later when I am not rushed I will smell it on me and compare it to what I have here and write out some better thoughts on it.

And I want to mention this regarding the mystery coupon: The store I was in took my phone as I was presenting the coupon code....and checked from top to bottom to be sure...(she told me she trusted me) it was a full email and not a snip snap code photo. (I never heard of snip snap)  She said they were told that snip snap got a hold of the bar code and people were coming in all day trying to present that as a valid code for the 40% off.  They are refusing everyone using that and not a valid full email. So rather than be embarrassed...I thought I would mention it here....No Snips...haha
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