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Bath & Body Works | New Online Today ❥September 19, 2014

September 19, 2014
There was so much new to show yesterday I almost feel as if I missed something with the overload of information I had.  And usually when we are this close to a new floor set...10 days now, new things start popping out online. 
In seeing the pictures of the new Holiday Traditions Signature Fragrances...I am officially in Holiday Mode.  Sparkly. Glitter me and my Gifts up...Holiday Mode.
That being are a few new things I found online today.
New Scentportables:
Bow $6.00
Snowflake $5.50
Irridescent Beads $5.50
Ombre Silver Vent Clip 5.50

Also online now are the new White Barn Core and Seasonal Candles: in the 3 wick versions and minis.  Keep in mind this isn't all of the line, they will be added slowly.

Usually in the morning I post any online finds on my Facebook page so that is a great place to start.
And yesterday after finding out the new names to the Holiday Traditions, I made mention that Sugarplum Dreams was familiar and then I remembered last years extras of the scent in anti-bacterial items.  And it and Frosted Wonderland have been on the Trademark name page for some time.  I am really looking forward to seeing these bottles in person because from the picture alone...they look adorable! 

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