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Bath & Body Works | New Skin Care Collection: Water

Back in July of 2017, Bath and Body Works conducted a test of a new Skin Care Collection named: Water. This is what I know...

I had heard wonderful things about this collection and was looking forward to getting to try it myself. But as time passed and other new things came and went, I had forgotten about it.  Upon reviewing my posts of test items that we did not see go wide, I was reminded about the Water Collection and was told, we will see this go nationwide very soon.

Being in my fifties, I am always interested in trying New Skin Care products and this is one that I hope lives up to the great reviews I had heard.  I will post updates as I see the products come to the stores. I am not sure if they will have the same packaging as was tested, but here are those photos from July of 2017. 

W A T E R 

Water is Everything. Naturally found in your skin, Hyaluronic Acid is a water-loving molecule that promotes skin health. Skin-enhancing Natural Minerals have been sourced from the nutrient-rich marine water.

Bubbly Body Wash Encapsulated nourishing Vitamin E beads Ultra Foaming, clean and refreshing. Leaves Skin feeling soft.

Hydrating Body Cream Clinically tested to instantly lock in moisture Fast absorbing, deeply hydrating replenishes and revitalizes skin Non-greasy after feel

Face and Body Mist

Bath Soak
1/2 Rich Foam, 1/2 Nourishing Oil
Gentle Cleansing
Relaxing and Refreshing

Just Add Water Scrub
Exfoliating dry scrub
Light Foaming
With clay mineral powder, jojoba beads and coconut oil.
Great for targeting rough spots such as elbows and knees.

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Sunday, 16 June 2019

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