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Bath & Body Works | New Spring Candles - Online and In Stores

Bath and Body Works new Spring scent White Barn Candles are currently online and in stores.

Bath and Body Works White Barn Candles:

Bergamot Waters -  Sparkling Bergamot, Pristine Blue Waters, Sugared Citrus, Creamy Sandalwood

Black Cherry Merlot -

Cactus Blossom -

Champagne Toast - Bubbly Champagne, Sparkling Berries, Juicy Tangerine

Copper Coconut -  Raw Coconut, Sea Salted Shells, Soft Amber

Fresh Cut Lilacs -  Lilac Bouquets, Dewy Greens, Soft Spring Air

French Baguette - Slow Rising Dough, Crispy Crust, a Pat of Butter

Island Reef -  Fresh Island Citrus, Crisp Eucalyptus, Sparkling Waves

Lemon Mint Leaf -  Sparkling Lemon Zest, Spearmint Leaves, Verbena Sprigs

Limoncello - Sorrento Lemons, Cane Sugar, Lemon Zest

No. 3 Renew and Refresh - Jasmine Petals, Fresh Air, Crisp Mint Leaf

Mahogany Teakwood High Intensity -

Mignight Blue Citrus - Juicy Citrus, Fresh Spring Water, Sweet Mango

Peach Bellini -

Pure White Cotton -  White Cotton Blossom, Anjou Pear, Soft Gardenia Petals, Warm Vanilla

Rose Water and Ivy - Soft Rose Petals, Rain-Kissed Ivy, Spring Musk 

Sapphire Seas - Freshwater Sea Spray, White Peony, Sun-Drenched Driftwood

Vanilla Bean - Madagascar Vanilla, Homemade Marshmallow, Fresh Steamed Milk

Bath & Body Works | Spring 2019 Test Candles Found
Bath & Body Works | Semi Annual Sale - Sneak Peek ...


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Thursday, 18 July 2019

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