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Bath & Body Works | New Test Lab Candles | Online Today

The New Bath and Body Works Test Lab Candles arrived online today. Interesting choices of scents, to say the least.  What do you think?

Bath and Body Works Test Lab Candle Collection:

Siracha No. 027 - Thai Sriracha, Crushed Coriander, Jalapeno Pepper, Red Chili

Sunset Pier No. 021 - Neroli Blossoms, Bergamot Zest, Sea Salted Cedar, Tropical Coconut

24 Karat Gold No. 024 - Sunlit Breezes, Crisp Lavender, Moss Absolute, Chilled Eucalyptus

Turmeric and Tarragon No. 011 - Tarragon Leaves, Palo Santo Bark, Spiced Leather, Indian Turmeric

Pimento Wood No. 017 - Pimento Pepper, Green Cardamom, Luxe Vetiver, Black Pepper

Sunny Fig No. 007 - Sweet Sierra Fig, Bright Citrus, Aromatic Fern, Blonde Woods

Lavender Cacao No. 012 - English Lavender, Chamomile Blossom, Rich Cacao, Vanilla Bean

Blue Geranium No. 004  - Geranium Petals, Lush Vetiver, Ground Cardamom, Fresh Fig

Black Pepper Kale No. 019 - Lush Green Kale, Palo Santo Wood, Black Pepper, Purple Basil Leaf

Garden Arugula and Verbena No. 014 - Arugula Leaf, Dewy Verbena, Italian Olive Oil, Watercress

Not Online:

Thai Coconut Basmati No. 009 - creamy coconut, saffron, basmati rice, and vanilla bean

Tumeric Accord No. 038 - golden turmeric, black peppercorns, coriander, and cinnamon bark

Exotic Lychee No. 008 - chinese lychee, red raspberry, creamy coconut, and lush passionfruit

Grill No. 0029 - nesquite smoke, hickory chips, charcoal embers, palo santo bark

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Saturday, 24 March 2018
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