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Bath & Body Works | New White Barn Store Conversion

​Unbeknownst to me, a Bath and Body Works store more than an hour away from me had gotten a "face lift" of sorts and after waiting a week to see what it had become...the doors are now open for business.  Here is a bit of what I found...

I have never had the White Barn store shopping experience but I have seen enough photos shared on social media to know that it must be pretty fun to wander around a wide collection of home themed decor products as you are checking out all of the new.  When I heard that a store I had visited a few times was under construction, I was curious as to what it would look like...with adding a White Barn to it.  I expected that it would be made larger to handle the White Barn section that many stores have been doing and that it would include taking over an adjacent store.... but I found that was not the case.

This store is larger than most in my area and had three "rooms" to it.  What they did with this remodel was push the body care out to the front section...add the White Barn words over the doorway of the second section and put all of the "home" themed things in there and kept the hand soaps, pocketbacs, travel fun size, and scentportables in the back register section.  A bit deflating after traveling for over an hour and a half but don't get me wrong, I know so much hard work has gone into this remodel and it shows. The store looks beautiful. 

The unmistakable gingham doorway welcomes you from the mall into this scent filled haven making it hard to chose what to look at first.  Had I waited to visit it in a day or so I would have been able to see the new floor set products mixed in with all of the things I have already seen.

The displays in the White Barn section looked warm, rich and inviting.  I found the dark brown fixtures showcasing each of the collections made the products for sale pop with a feel of luxury even though they are the same items sold in all stores.  How different all of this is from the stores I shop at regularly.

I think the colors draw you to the walls to see every little divided out section holding wallflowers while tall brown towers sort out all of the scent refills for ease of choosing them.  There were tables with wallflowers and refills on them as well, and tucked into a corner of this space I found some wax melts.

The pricing on the few Home Decor extras I saw was noticeably over priced but still fun to see.

The back section where the registers are located felt somewhat cutoff from the front of the store with all of the other displays blocking the view into the mall.  My stores have clear line of sight to the doorway...which I think helps in controlling theft. 

There was one person working on the register and one other wandering between the first two sections.  Had there been new items to buy I would have made a purchase in this store and when I come back to the area for my eye doctor appointments I will stop in again.

With all of the different store design versions, I guess this would be considered ( SiS ) store in store.

The other versions are Core, SXS and Blue Concept.

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Monday, 14 October 2019

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