Something New, Coming Soon.

Usually monthly we see on social media some new fragrance come out from the "test" lab stores for a few weeks preview before the wide launch of the fragrance.  While I haven't heard of anything "testing"  before Gingham, I did hear about some new fragrances that ( could ) set to test beginning April 8th.

If we follow the mailer coupon dates for floor sets because that is when the coupon begins, we would expect to see a new set happen Sunday, April 14th for release on April 15th.  

The floor set for March seemed to happen a week before the mailer coupon date.  If the mailer coupons are not stating the correct floor set dates, it stands to reason that we will see the next floor set for April happen on Sunday, April 7th for release on April 8th.

I was just talking about the Black Cherry Merlot Fragrance the other day because of the name showing up on the trademark list.  And I remarked that I didn't think we would see it for a Spring scent.....because I didn't think there would be time for it to test.


Some information shared with me has me ever so hopeful now!  I heard that on April 8th, some test stores will offer a Fine Fragrance Mist, a New Body Wash, and a Body Cream in these fragrances:

I will also state that everything is subject to change, and cancellation....and is beyond my control.  I will update this posting with scent notes and more photos when I have them.