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Bath & Body Works | Semi Annual Sale Information

December 15, 2015

I don't know too much yet but as I get information regarding the SAS I will try to keep this post updated.  And remember, all stores may not get the same items so some things may vary according to supply. This is just meant to be a general idea of some things I know will show up.  And I did include a candle list at the bottom to sort of remind us of what candle collections we have seen so far this year with the hopes that some of those may return.

Fragrances leaving December 26, 2015

Cashmere Glow
Velvet Sugar
Wild Madagascar Vanilla

Fragrances returning for SAS

Country Chic
Coconut Lime Breeze
Midnight Pomegranate ...
Dark Kiss
Sensual Amber

Fragrances getting a new look on sale for $3.50
Moonlight Path
Beautiful Day
Japanese Cherry Blossom

Now these won't be the only fragrances we will see.  The stores seem to be getting in many scents from this past year to be included in this sale. These are what have been seen, so far.....

Screen Doors and Sweet Tea {heartland} Collection:
Georgia Peach and Sweet Tea
Sheer Cotton and Lemonade
Bourbon Strawberry and Vanilla
Sweet Magnolia and Clementine

Wine Country Scents
Napa Valley Sunset
Sonoma Weekend Escape
Vineyard Champagne Kiss

Warm and Cozy Scents
Wrapped in Comfort - Cashmere and Almond Cream
Cup of Warmth -Vanilla Chai and Biscotti
Cozy Sunday Morning - Soft Chamomile and Bergamot

Jump into Fall
Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin
Marshmallow Pumpkin Latte
Suncrip Apple Harvest

From June 2014
Cool Coconut Surf
Peace, Love and Daisies
Hello Sunshine
Joy to the World- 50% off
New York

Hand Sanitizer Mist:
Warm Vanilla Sugar
Sweet Pea
Japanese Cherry Blossom

Hand Sanitizers:
Many we have seen this year

Some Liplicious Lip Gloss that were cleared out

with the exception of a hand full of scents all will be priced at $3.00 each
Some may be 75% off

A Thousand Wishes
Beautiful Day
Japanese Cherry Blossom
Moonlight Path
Sweet Pea
Warm Vanilla Sugar,
Wild Madagascar Vanilla

Beautiful Day
Japanese Cherry Blossom
Moonlight Path

Winter Candy Apple
Vanilla Bean Noel
Twisted Peppermint
Jingle All the Way
Merry Berry

❥Aromatherapy Fragrances Returning: 50% off
Warm Milk and Honey
Cedarwood and Sage
Black Chamomile

New Body Creams Too!


True Blue Spa Super Rich Body Cream
True Blue Spa Apricot and White Tea Face Scrub

WALLFLOWERS: more scents I am sure
Dual Packs: 50% off
-watermelon lemonade
-tis the season
-frosted cranberry

Single Bulbs $3.00 each

We will see Summer and Spring Soaps and Candles, and fall soaps....
Candles Returning: $12.00

Tiki Beach Collection:
Tiki Beach
Coconut Leaves
Island Margarita
Pineapple Mango
Island Waters
Carribean Escape

Screen Doors Collection:
Watermelon Lemonade
Lilac Blossom
Georgia Peach
Bowties and Bourbon
Praline Pecan
Beautiful Day

Candles at 50% off:
White Winter Petals???
Ski Lodge
Mahogany Teakwood
Lemon Mint Leaf WB
Apple Flower WB

Rio Red Guava
Amazon Falls

Honolulu Sun
Oahu Coconut
Guava Colada

Watermelon Lemonade
Sangria Berry Freeze
Limoncello Poptail
Pink Apple Punch
Twisted Carmelo Gelato
Banana Kiwi Colada
Spiked Cherry Limcicle

Turquoise Waters:
Turquoise Waters
Sunset Beach
Ocean Drift
Black Sands
Island Turquoise
Coconut Vanilla

---Some of the Candle Collections we have had---

     *Rooms Collection : White Barn Exclusive

Bedroom: Lavender Linens (fresh lavender, musk, cedar wood)

Kitchen: Sundrenched Herbs leafy green herbs, orchid petal, marigold)

Master Bath: Bergamot Water (bergamot, sugared citrus, creamy sandalwood)
Wine Cellar: Mulled Wine and Spice (red fruit, Indonesian patchouli, saffron)
Den: Leather and Agar wood (fine leather, tobacco flowers, exotic agar wood)
*So Pretty, So Chic: White Barn Exclusive
French Lavender (fresh wild lavender, fruity floral jasmine, warm Tonka)
Peony Petals (pink peonies, sparkling oranges, blueberries)
White Pear Champagne (champagne, sparkling pear, effervescent plum)
Lemon Verbena (verbena blossoms, lavender, lily of the valley)
Paris Daydream (bergamot, blue waters, fresh moss)
Black Raspberry Merlot (crisp pear, sparkling red wine, oak barrels)
Vanilla Bean Macron (marshmallow fluff, sweet vanilla bean, steamed milk)
Blue Orchid (orchid, violet petals, soft woods)
*Screen Doors and Sweet Tea: White Barn Exclusive
Beautiful Day ( crisp apples, watery greens, hyacinth)
Bowties and Bourbon (fresh bergamot, vanilla, dark oak)
Georgia Peach (juicy peaches, bergamot, apricots)
Honeysuckle (honeysuckle, red apples, blonde woods)
Lilac Blossom (fresh lilac, crisp greens, warm musk)
Praline Pecan Cobbler (pecans, cinnamon sugar, warm caramel)
Southern Sweet Tea ( sugar cubes, lemon twist, brewed tea)
Sundress (sparkling bergamot, apples, cedarwood)
Veranda Garden (lush greens, fresh citrus, cedarwood)
Watermelon Lemonade ( watermelon nectar, sugared lemonade, raspberry garnish)
*Turquoise Waters: White Barn Exclusive
Black Sands ( salted bergamot, warm sands, creamy cedarwood)
Coconut Vanilla (toasted coconut, coconut water, vanilla)
Endless Weekend (sparking orange, gardenia, creamy vanilla)
Monoi Taire Flower (tiare flower, juicy mandarins, coconut husks)
Ocean Drift wood (gardenia petals, white woods, solar musk)
Polynesian Palm (green palm leaves, watery nuances, hyacinth)
Pomelo Paradise (grapefruit zest, mangoes,  papaya slices)
Sunset Beach (Caribbean pineapple, papaya pulp, sugarcane)
Tahitian Island Dream (mandarins, water lily, tahitian vanilla)
Turquoise Waters (sparkling bergamot, coastal waves, solar musk)
*Brazil Collection*
Amazon Falls (lush greens, cascading waterfalls, white woods)
Black Teakwood (mahogany, dark oak, lavender)
Brazilian Blue Waters (sparkling bergamot, coastal waves, solar musk)
Copacabana Beach (sun kissed coconut, sweet Tonka, driftwood)
Mango Dragon Fruit (fresh mango, mandarin, pink dragon fruit)
Rainforest Gardenia (white gardenia, watery greens, soft woods)
Rio Red Guava (sparkling bergamot, red guava, passion fruit)
Spiced Pineapple Samba (pineapple, tropical spices, green banana
*Seasonal Colored Glass*
Apple Flower (juicy honey crisp, mandarin, muguet petals)
Eucalyptus Mint (fresh eucalyptus, spearmint, splash of citrus)
Fresh Water and Sea Salt (sea spray, sparkling oranges, warm sandalwood)
Honeysuckle Bouquet (honeysuckle, red apples, blonde woods)
Japanese Cherry Blossom (Japanese cherry blossom, mimosa petals, cedarwood)
Lavender Vanilla (fresh lavender, creamy vanilla, jasmine)
Lemon Mint Leaf (lemon zest, sparkling citrus, spearmint leaves)
Lilac Blossom (fresh lilac, crisp greens, warm musk)
Mahogany Teakwood (mahogany, oak, lavender)
Renew and Refresh (pear, melon, mandarin)
Eucalyptus Mint and Rain (mint leaves, eucalyptus, water lotus)
Kitchen Lemon (sparkling lemon, orange peel sugar cane)
*Chicago Collection : White Barn Exclusive*
North Avenue Beach (creamy coconut, summer orchids, vanilla)
Lakeshore Drive (refreshing pear, water lily, white woods)
Michigan Avenue (bergamot, citrus, lavender)
Sweet Home Chicago (caramel corn, warm taffy, salted sweet cream)

*Happy Home Collection*
Fresh Spring Blue Skies (fresh citrus,, blue waters, blue moss)
Happy Sunshine and Green Daisies (daisy petals, jasmine, dewy greens)
Home Sweet Caramel Comfort (juicy pear, warm caramel, vanilla)
Love Hearts and Flowers (pink peonies, sparkling orange, blueberries)
Relax Lavender Linens (wild lavender, rosemary, warm Tonka)
Smile Pink Lemonade Punch (sugared pomegranate, sparkling lemons, tart raspberries)
Sunshine Bright Verbena Blossoms (verbena blossoms, lavender, lily of the valley
*Tiki Beach Collection*
Caribbean Escape (tropical melon, coconut milk, tart raspberry nectar)
Coconut Leaves (coconut husk, tangerine zest, palm leaves)
Island Margarita (ripe nectarine, mandarin, persimmon)
Island Waters (juicy pineapple, bamboo, salt water)
Oceanside (sun-ripened raspberry, sea spray, warm sands)
Papaya Sunrise (tropical citrus, pink melon, coconut)
Pineapple Mango (pineapple juice, mango, fresh raspberry)
Tiki Beach (toasted coconut, mandarin zest, palm leaves)
Beach Cabana (wallflower refill only) {orange blossoms, warms sands, salty air}
*Spring Market Collection*
Cherry Blossom Sangria (cherries, red apples, sparkling lemons)
Cinnamon Sugared Doughnut  (white cinnamon, powered sugar, homemade doughnut)
Peach Bellini (sparkling peach, sweet orange, yellow mandarin)
Sparkling Limeade (lime zest, sweet lemons, sparkling tonic)
Strawberry Rhubarb Marmalade (strawberry preserves, tart rhubarb, citrus zest)
Vanilla Bean Marshmallow (marshmallow fluff, sweet vanilla bean, steamed milk)
Watermelon Lemonade (watermelon nectar, sugared lemonade, raspberry garnish)
Iced Almond Chai ( White Barn exclusive) {coconut milk, fresh cinnamon, crushed ice}
Tequila Lime Cupcake ( White Barn exclusive) {vanilla cake, lime frosting, splash of tequila
*Signature Collection Fragrances*
Love and Sunshine (bright clementine, juicy kiwi and shimmering currant)
Sweet Pea
Warm Vanilla Sugar
Beautiful Day
Japanese Cherry Blossom
*Hawaii Collection:
Big Island Bamboo
Oahu Coconut Sunset
Honolulu Sun
Sweet Maui Mango
Guava Colada
White Sands Beaches
Hawaiian Hibiscus
Pineapple Palm Grass
*Summer Drink Collection Candles
 Banana Kiwi Colada
 Lime Granita Margarita
Limoncello Poptail
Mango Coconut Cooler
Pink Apple Punch
Sangria Berry Freeze
Spiked Cherry Limesicle
Twisted Caramel Gelato
Watermelon Lemonade
*Perfect Getaway Collection
Amsterdam- tulips and windmills -
 the delightful scent of fresh cut flowers, sweet lilac, pink freesia and tulips layered with cooling greens
Bangkok- golden temples and spice -
go on a getaway to exotic Bangkok with a fusion of fresh shaved cinnamon bark, and jasmine transformed by a touch of warm amber
Barcelona- mandarins and mosaics -
luscious mandarin oranges and fresh peach blend with yuzu flower and vanilla in celebration of a city filled with colorful and magical mosaic patterns.
Bora Bora- bungalows and beaches -
the lush fragrance of mono blossoms, Tahitian vanilla and tropical flower petals takes you to remote white sand beaches. Let's run away to paradise.
Hawaii- aloha passion flower -
go on a dream vacation instantly with the fragrance of Hawaiian passion flower, watery pear and casaba melon
Istanbul- sparkling amber -
fragrant treasures from this exotic city's grand bazaar, alluring amber, velvety peach and lush frangipani petals transport you.
Italy- espresso café -
London- tea and lemon -
Los Angeles- palm trees and sunshine -
escape to the west coast with a blend of green palm tree leaves, aloe and bright sunny days
New York- black tie -
Paris- French daydream -
evokes a sweet memory of a light romantic Paris rain, a fresh combination of watery muguet, delicate freesia and citrus infused with sandalwood

*Seaside Summer Collection
Beach Cabana-
Beach Grass-
like a stroll on the dunes at sunrise-dewy greens, palmetto grass, and sweet white freesia.
Coral Seashell-
a juicy blend of summer peach nectar, plum and orange that's as exquisite as a rare beach treasure.
Coastal Sun-
a beacon of beautiful fragrance for your home in a blend of sea glass, sea foam and  hint of sparkling sand.
Nantucket Sail-
sail way with a blend of ocean washed driftwood, sea air and refreshing grapefruit
hello sunshine! it's time to hit the sands with this blend of sundrenched flowers, neroli blossoms and driftwood
Summer Boardwalk-
like memories of the best summer spent at the beach - caramel-glazed popcorn, warm taffy-apples an salted sweet cream
Summer Bonfires-
the perfect summer night at the beach comes to life with notes of warm woods, orange blossoms and green leaves
*CORK and VINE Collection
Black Cherry Merlot
Citron Cedarwood
Harvest Gathering
Napa Valley Sunset
Sonoma Spiced Citrus
Sparkling Pear Riesling
Sundrenched Vineyard
Wine Cellar
American Apple Candle
Mother's Day
Harvest Home Collection
Apple Picking
Brown Sugar Allspice
Buttercream Icing
Lakeside Sunrise
Mahogany Teakwood
Marshmallow Fireside
Porch-side Pumpkin
Pumpkin Apple
Radiant Red Maple
Sweater Weather
Fall Color Drive
Autumn Sky
Beautiful Day
Golden Cinnamon
Toasted Vanilla Caramel
Sweater Weather
Apple and Pumpkin Pancake
Caramel Pumpkin Swirl
Cranberry Pumpkin
Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin
Pumpkin Caramel Latte
Pumpkin Coconut
Pumpkin Milkshake
Pumpkin Pecan Waffles
Pumpkin Cupcake
Pumpkin Pie
Pumpkin Spiced Cheesecake
Pumpkin Sugar Cookie
Vanilla Pumpkin Marshmallow
White Barn Core Fall Collection
Salted Caramel
Fresh Balsam
Farmstand Apple
Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin'
Vanilla Bean
Sandalwood Citrus
Lavender Linens
Bergamot Waters
Wine Cellar
Halloween Candles:
Spooky Vanilla
Pumpkin Carving
The Destination Candle Collection:
Holiday Edition- Joy to the World
Amsterdam - Flower Shop
Carribean - Pineapple Mango
Hawaii - Honolulu Sun
London - Tea and Lemon
Istanbul - Sparkling Amber
Italy - Tuscan Lemon Tart
New York -  Big Apple Toddy
Swiss Alps - Ski Lodge
Tahiti - Bergamot Waters
Celebrations Collection:
*Be Joyful-
Black Tie -
Your perfect date to any holiday party- green sage, sandalwood and Tonka bean
*Champagne Toast -
Pop, Clink and Sparkle! With an effervescence blend of champagne, juicy nectarine and black currant.
*Cinnamon Caramel Swirl-
Freshly ground cinnamon enhances soft and silky vanilla, caramel an a sweet fragrance of a holiday treat.
*Cranberry Sugar Cookie -
Fill the holiday cookie jar with the sweet scent of ruby red cranberries, fresh creamery butter and cinnamon sugar.
*Golden Peach Sparkle -
Here's a pretty blend of festive greenery, creamy vanilla and juicy peach that's perfect for every holiday party.
*Snowflakes and Spruce -
Kick off the holiday season with an outdoorsy blend inspired by snowcapped spruce, and sweetened by a touch of creamy vanilla.
*Pomegranate Prosecco Punch -
Ring in the holidays with this bubbly and bright blend of Italian Prosecco, juicy pomegranate and a splash of pear.
*Spiced Apple Toddy -
A sweet mixture of winter fruits apple brandy and spiced plum will warm up all your winter celebrations.
*Sparkling Icicles -
Let your holiday party sparkle with this bright fragrance of moss, bergamot and a finishing touch of citrus
White Barn Collection
(embossed snowflake on the lid) 
*Comfort -  Fireside
The fragrance of a comforting winter fireplace in a blend of cedar and sandalwood layered with leather and the richness of amber.
*Noel- Silver Pine and Cedar
Create a beautiful home for Christmas with this aromatic blend of pine needles, cedar and juniper sprigs.
*Peace -  Iced Vanilla Woods -
Enjoy a peaceful holiday with this soothing blend of sweet vanilla, smoldering woods and iced lavender.
*Wish - Christmas Spice -
A warm, inviting scent made from classic Christmas spices- cinnamon stick, ground cloves and nutmeg that's sure to become a tradition in your home. 
*Joy - Peppermint Marshmallow -
Indulge in the fragrance of fluffy vanilla marshmallows, which are full of holiday sweetness and Peppermint Joy.
*Celebrate - Merry Cookie -
The scent of classic holiday cookies made from vanilla, butter and sparkling sugar will instantly evoke warm Christmas memories
*Merry - Holiday Mulled Cider
*Welcome- Cinnamon Pinecone
Holiday Traditions Collection:
*Dashing Through the Snow - Breathe in the crisp cool air of a holiday sleigh ride with a blend of green balsam, wintry musk and the jingle of sparkling citrus.
*Evergreen -
A fragrance that evokes the magic of tracking through fresh snow to find the perfect holiday tree. Fresh fir balsam infused with sparkling mint.
*Jingle All the Way -
 Jingle Bells will ring and make spirits bright with this merry blend of mandarins, apples and coconut cream.
 *Marshmallow Fireside -
A sweet-toasty end to a cold day- toasted marshmallows and sumptuous vanilla cream blend into the comforting aroma of rich smoldering wood.
*Red Velvet Cheer-
*Mahogany Balsam-
*Sparkling Sugar Plum -
Visions of this beautiful blend of sparkling sugarplums, apple blossoms an a touch of mint will dance in your head.
*Sweater Weather -
Cuddle up with an aromatic blend of eucalyptus, juniper berry and fresh sage that celebrates the coziness of sweater weather.
*Tis the Season -
Celebrate the perfect winter holiday with a timeless scent of bright red apples, freshly ground cinnamon, and deep green pine.
*Twisted Peppermint -
*Vanilla Bean Noel -
A forever favorite- a creamy blend of vanilla bean, rich cocoa, and sweet cream with a touch of caramel and brown sugar.
*Winter Candy Apple -
A sweet yuletide blend of candied apples and spiced orange zest with a touch of winter musk.
* Snow, Sparkle and Shine Collection 
(snowflake on jar label) 
*Alpine Cheer -
Add cheer to your winter with the crisp fragrance of mountain balsam, cedar wood bark, and snow white cranberry.
*Fresh Balsam -
 Breathe in the invigorating fragrance of snow dusted balsam, fir trees and eucalyptus leaves.
*Fresh Sparkling Snow -
In Winter, all that glitters is snow, and our sparkling blend of icy pear, frozen melon and frosty musk captures all of the seasons sparkle and shine.
*Frosted Cranberry -
The years first frost captured in a sparkling mix of white cranberry, juicy peach and ripe, red raspberries.
*Mahogany Teakwood -
Warm up the season with an expertly crafted blend of mahogany, oak and frosted lavender that is a luxurious classic.
*Salted Caramel -
Indulge on a chilly winter day with this blend of buttery soft caramel, flakey sea salt and a hint of roasted chestnuts.
*Vanilla Snowflake -
Let it snow vanilla snowflakes this year with a delectable blend of creamy vanilla, wintery mint and a dash of coconut. 
*Winter -
A fragrance that captures the moment when glittering icicles and sparkly snow transform the landscape. Pine needles, icy mandarin and winter woods.
*Winter Sun -
 A blend of sparkling citrus, Vetiver leaves and creamy musk inspired by glowing sunlight breaking through snowy trees.
America's Signature Candles Holiday Edition
Moonlight Path
Japanese Cherry Blossom
Warm Vanilla Sugar
Beautiful Day
Sweet Pea
Aromatherapy Collection:
Black Currant Vanilla
Eucalyptus Spearmint
Eucalyptus Tea
Lavender Vanilla
Orange Ginger
White Barn Thanksgiving Collection | 2015
 Leaves - Green Leaf Glass
Pumpkin Pecan Waffles - Brown Leaf Glass
Cranberry Woods - Red Leaf Glass
Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin - Light Brown Leaf Glass

Feast - Maple Sugar Brittle
Thankful - Chestnut and Clove
Cheers - Mulled Wine
Welcome - Autumn Spiced Wreath
Gather- Marshmallow Fireside
Harvest -  Cranberry Woods
Home - Pumpkin Cheesecake
Ribbed Candle Collection:
Mahogany Teakwood
Fresh Balsam
Sparkling Icicles
Tis the Season
Marshmallow Fireside
Oversized 23oz Frosted Glass:
Fresh Balsam
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