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March 31, 2015
I guess there will always be those "special" floor sets that really excite everyone and has them talking about what is coming.  Not that any of this is earth shattering mind you...but pretty in pink and flowery just in time for Mother's Day does bring a smile.  And this new April release of fragrances and products seems to be that "one" that has even the employees talking about what they want. 
Including the "tree".
Hawaii, not so much.  Granted when your buried under a ton of the white stuff after a months of nothing but frigid cold and high heating bills....a tropical something is welcoming.  But Hawaii anymore for me tends to be redundant...  And maybe for everyone if the full store tables are any indication.
Having seen a bit of what was to come last piqued my curiosity even more.  Imagine my surprise when the stores deliveries now are finally including the new and I was able to get a few things.
I am doctoring a boo boo eye...a serious condition I have suffered with for the last thirteen years and one that requires injections of steroids into the eye to reduce the inflammation and to keep my vision...oh yes, buckets of fun here...when someone needs to hold you in my travels to the specialists out of town I am getting to visit a lot more Bath and Body Works stores than before and getting to see a lot.  Well, see through the blur, so to speak.

I knew the scent names of the new signature fragrances, so that is good...but what are the notes? That information wasn't yet released.  Probably re-dos and re-tweeks...of fragrances past, but again that curiosity creeps in I push to find it all out and I did.
Interesting concoctions.  But a cute theme.

I knew the stores got in the lotion bottles for the sales associates to try in the back so they can share with us their scent experience with the fragrances when the time comes that these are available for sale. Sadly, for the most part most, stores won't even discuss what is they are trying to push Hawaii Signature...never mind letting us try the new lotions.

There are still things on my list I wanted from Hawaii's floor set and there weren't any stores around me anywhere that ever got those things in.  So I am over Hawaii...I came...I spent...oh boy did I...and I am ready for a Mimosa under a Great Oak...while I fan the days heat away in my white eyelet dress... Y'all know what I mean?  
 (*big smile)
Today, the b&bw website added a few new items; candles, scentportables, wallflowers and units for early purchases.  And those along with what I got-- shows some of what we will be seeing.

I did update the scrolling post at the top of my blog page with the new and I will continue to do so as I get more information and photos.  It helps me to have a list of what is new so I know what to look for when I am out.

And when I find new out shopping, I sometimes update my Facebook page  picture albums first before getting it blogged. So be sure to like the page to get notifications.

I noticed on the photos from First Look, that the bottles of the signature magnolia lotion and the lemon chiffon hand soap are much different than what we will see on the actual product.  I know they use paper cutouts when taking pictures before the actual product is ready...but I thought a white bottle for the magnolia with a gold lid was prettier.









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