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Bath & Body Works | Test Lab Candles | February 2018

Here is a look at some new Bath & Body Works Test Lab Candles out in select locations.

Bath & Body Works Test Lab Candle Collection:

Grill Smoky Blend #029

Sriracha Spice Blend #027

Sunny Fig Fresh Blend #007

24 KARAT GOLD Fresh Blend #024

Garden Arugula and Verbena Green Blend #014

Black Pepper Green Blend #019

Tumeric and Tarragon Wood Blend # 011

Pimento Wood Wood Blend #017

Blue Geranium Aromatic Blend #004

Lavender Cacao Gourmand Blend #012

Thai Coconut Basmati Gourmand Blend #009

Sunset Pier Floral Blend #021

Exotic Lychee Fruit Blend #008

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Saturday, 23 June 2018

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