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Bath & Body Works | The Mysterious Four Wick Candles

​Every day is a busy day and like you, I try to cram too much into one day.  Some days that works and other days...well, not so much.  Doing too much in a day, and by too much, I mean being on my feet for eighteen hours for days on end, and then adding in a few more on top of that is a recipe for disaster.  I am trying to learn to pace myself but...I don't see that happening anytime soon.

This past Sunday, Monday and Tuesday the app selling site Depop offered free shipping on anything up to 20 pounds so I thought, heck, why not see what I want to get rid of. So I posted a ton of stuff. And I decided to put up another Christmas Tree, (or two), go to physical therapy, check out Bath and Body Works sales and do the other things my days require. So, yes...crazy busy.

As the days went on, I got photos of things that I wanted to share and didn't, and some that I did quickly. The Four Wick Candle Marketing photo shared stirred up a few things so I want to take a few moments to share a thought about that.

Let me once again say I do not work for this brand. So please...for those who do...have no worries that I do. I appreciate genuine concern and can tell when it is. 

And for those that do work for the brand who think you can come and school me on my social media publicly about sharing info, that conversation would be best shared privately in a direct message to me alone because those who read my social sites and follow me faithfully for years now are pretty much as fed up with seeing it as I am and...they tend to say as much. Sometimes firmly.

Not that I condone the fallout that happened yesterday that I missed seeing originally as it was happening because I was overwhelmed at the time and I do not have notifications turned on.  But I did see it later, and what was said, and deleted it. 

So, let's talk about the photo of the marketing signage.

We all know that the stores get a TON of signage in to be used as needed for the ever changing sales that happen daily.  Quite often, there are signs made that are NEVER used and end up being discarded.  When I saw the photo of a sign that read 4-wick Candles I wanted to simply make note of the item that WE COULD MAYBE see coming to a store.  Not really the pricing or anything like that...just the fact that we could see a four wick candle in stores THIS HOLIDAY SEASON.

Holiday-time for me means over the top and bring it all out!!!  Gifting time is here and this brand knows how to fill every stocking and gift box with things to scent us and our homes.  Product overload.

So the typical things we see in a store for the other nine months of the year may not be the products we will see October, November and December.  So, we COULD see a New four wick candle. Nothing is guaranteed...but just maybe. 

How many ounces will it be?  How big will it be?  Will it fit my candle sleeves?  Are they discontinuing the three wick candles?  All perfectly normal questions to ask.  

And until I see it, for myself, I can't answer all of them.  I can say the sign, ( and there was other price point marketing about the four wick I didn't share) mentions the regular retail is $45. It's holiday time and people will pay for great gifts so it may be a big candle...Remember those Aromatherapy Huge Gift Sets that were over $100!  They sold.

Do I think they will ever stop making three wick candles?  Absolutely NOT!  

Someone made mention they don't think this is true.  Well, I certainly didn't make up the marketing.  A few people mentioned that they saw a four wick candle but never thought to take a photo of it...yet.  Ha Ha. Will a four wick candle hit all stores?  Hard to say.  It could stay in higher sales volume stores or only White Barn stores.  I am hoping that someone sees one and lets me know the ounces and any other info they see.

I will be posting photos of a few things I didn't get shared these past few days as I try to catch up on everything. Until then, have a great to you soon.

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Sunday, 26 January 2020

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