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Bath & Body Works | Three Wick Candle - Jar Size Test

I was shown a photo of some candles out currently testing at Bath and Body Works and I wanted to share it here as well as my other social media sites.

The jar is shorter than our regular three wick candle size and broader.  I heard that this test was coming but having not seen anything sooner, I forgot about it. The amount of wax in the glass jar is the same, as is the pricing.

I don't always use a candle sleeve to burn my candles. I prefer to use a tall glass hurricane to protect my table from wick flickers so having decorative sleeves of a different size wouldn't impair me from using this size.  I think there are occasions where we chose the candles for decor and there are other times we just burn for scent.  These lower, wider version candles would be lovely down the center of a dinner table.

What I would want to know is how long would it take to get a wax pool and what kind of throw would I get as compared to our regular candles.  I recently bought a small DW Home Gingerbread candle and had it burning in my living room.  In no time my entire house was filled with a delicious aroma from a small maybe this version of size wouldn't affect the range of the fragrancing.

Hopefully, with more people finding them in their stores to try, we can hear reviews of how they are performing.


I was told by the sweet person who got me these photos to share with everyone that these candles: 

are in 20 select stores nationwide during this “Test” phase. They will be in these stores only, until Nov. 20th. They will not be released nationwide unless they pass with great customer support. With a purchase, you will get a survey and a $10 off of a $30 purchase coupon.

Posted as a size comparison:





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Monday, 17 December 2018

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