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Bath & Body Works | Wishes Candle Collection | Holiday 2014

December 5, 2014
I can't say that I know the correct name for this newest candle collection set to come out some time this month.  When it was testing in October there were so many speculative names out there I didn't make sure I found out what it was called.  Then, the non-disclosure email was sent and that put a lid on the names of things now for a while.
With a theme of A Thousand Wishes, Sparkles and Glitter...I am sure it is something along that line.
Yesterday, online at Bath and Body Works a few of the candles appeared as well as a few wallflowers.  I will be sure to update this post upon finding out the correct collection name and when All of the candles finally arrive.
Live in the Sunshine
Fresh Blooms

Sparkle Every Day
Confetti Cupcake

Go with the Flow
Bergamot Waters

Wine Down
Pomegranate Sangria

Light up the Room
Green Apple Sparkler

Dream Big
Lavender Clouds

Dance 'Til Dawn
Tropical Tango

Be Daring
Spiced Saffron Redwood

Sparkle Every Day
I wish…to sparkle every day. Confetti Cupcake treats you to fresh baked cake, sweet buttercream and shimmering sprinkles

Be Daring
I wish…to be daring. Spiced Saffron & Redwood dares to inspire you with ruby red cranberries, rare saffron and California redwood

Dance til Dawn
I wish…to dance 'til dawn. Tropical Tango dances you through smooth coconut, vibrant mango and bubbly champagne

Dream Big
I wish…to dream big! Lavender Clouds inspire you to dream big with soft lavender flowers, luxurious white musk and a touch of coriander

Live in the Sunshine
I wish…to live in the sunshine. Fresh Blossom's sun-kissed flower petals, green willow leaves and a splash of citrus make this wish come true!

Light up the Room
I wish…to light up the room. Sparkling Apple Champagne's blend of crisp green apple, shimmering amber & bergamot brings smiles brighter than candlelight
Holiday Wish
Holiday Wish was in the Holiday VIP TOTE
I wish... for celebrations full of happiness and good cheer. The festive scent of golden apples, deep, green pine notes and glimmering amber will make your holiday wishes come true.
Go with the Flow
I wish…to go with the flow. Turquoise Waters is a laid-back mix of fresh water, sunlight and a hint of sea spray
Wine Down
I wish…to wine down. Pomegranate Sangria calms the day's stress with oaky white wine, apples and juicy pomegranate seeds

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