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Bath & Body Works | World Gardens Floorset information | Return Policy Update

April 10, 2014
Here are a few new items starting to show up in stores for the upcoming World Gardens floor set.  New, updated information about that set is below.
❥Candle Luminaries Hobnail Glass (have been online for a few weeks now)
$14.50 and $12.50
 ❥Candle Luminary Large 3 wick sized Hobnail Glass
❥Heavy Candle jar holder
I mentioned that a store I visited out of town last weekend told me they are setting World Gardens early...this Sunday April 13th...rather than the set date of April 27th previously given. I will be in that town that day and will get there to see what is new.
As of now... other stores were given notice that the World Garden Floor set is MOVED UP
They are doing it the night of Wednesday April 23rd, effective for start of business Thursday April 24th.
You may notice prep work beginning Monday April 21st, so don't be surprised if there is new out that week here and there on walls and tables.
Effective April 28th, 2014
This is an update of the return policy of NON-RECEIPTED returns only.  Beginning Monday, 4/28, customers will receive the lowest selling price (the lowest price at which an item sold since the policy change 4/28) of the item if they do not have a receipt or if a receipt cannot be looked up at the register for the customer.
The lowest selling price will automatically populate on the register for non-receipted returns.  It is not up to the store to monitor the lowest selling prices for items. Home office will be loading the prices of the items and they will ring at those prices until semi annual sale begins.
What does this mean to us shoppers?
Save your receipts.

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