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Burrs....and a white christmas find....

There is a beauty to snow.

The mystery of millions of cold little flakes, each one wonderfully unique... falling together to form a uniform blanket of white that glistens from a light within.

There is a beauty to you peer at it through a window while warm in your house, wanting to experience its cold.

There is a beauty to you step through it, each flake clinging to you chilling you to the bone but enticing you to play.

There is a beauty to you lay upon it moving your arms making snow angels and looking back at your impression...the one they let you make within them.

That's where the beauty....stops..... ha ha.

At the first sign of the snow shovel.....the back break from lifting it....and the heating pad to mend kind of stops being all that enticing.


They told us the snow that was suppose to come here today was going to be winds....and no problems.  An inch or two.

They gave it a name for petes sakes....winter storm Freyr.  Why are we naming winter storms now?   I mean, If I get up and its snowing....It's snowing....   I don't need a name to tell me I am about to become cold...and wet.

And where are they getting the names from as this is what I found about Freyr.

Freyr (sometimes anglicized Frey, from *frawjaz "lord"[1]) is one of the most important gods of Norse paganism. Freyr was associated with sacral kingship, virility and prosperity, with sunshine and fair weather, and was pictured as a phallic fertility god, Freyr "bestows peace and pleasure on mortals". Freyr, sometimes referred to as Yngvi-Freyr, was especially associated with Sweden and seen as an ancestor of the Swedish royal house.

Um, associated with fair weather?  Really?  Look out of the window mister weather peoples.

Anyway.....We have already passed 5 inches of snow here and I have shoveled once and will need to go out again but I did trek out into this winter wonderland and check out my local Bath and Body Works SAS again.  What caught my attention today was the elusive WHITE BARN CHRISTMAS 2012 candles that were only offered on Black Friday and sold out....or so they said when I on the candle table for $10.00 .  That Apple Spruce scent is really nice and I love it in the scentportables.

I did pick up some of those, used a coupon and got the three for $20.00.

Yesterday at the SAS out of town I did get two receipts adjusted for the Sparkling Strawberry now reduced to $4.00.....(I paid $14.00)  As well as a I heart Lucky Dogs gift set I paid $21.50 for now half off.  I love the PB holder as it wasn't available separately and I was willing to pay that price, get a free item and hope for an adjustment afterwards.  The puppy socks and scentportable can be saved for gifts.

I did purchase more Pocketbacs, because if one hundred is good, three hundred are better.... ;)    in California poppy, I love shopping, I love you, cilantro peach, wildberry dahlia, bee well, and bee nice.....twenty five cent pocketbac holders in pink glitter for Valentines Day gifts, and five home fragrance oils $2.00 each; in bahama fizz, lilac blossom, pineapple mango and sunrise lagoon, and added three more strawberry and peach glitter sprays.

I am hoping tomorrow brings more sun and less snow so I can check out another BBW as I am out of CO Bigelow peppermint tingle bar soaps and so are most of the stores around here.

Perhaps folks are seeking out white cool tingles somewhere other than their snow covered paths?
Much love...

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Saturday, 16 February 2019

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